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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 02/07/2024

1.c418 – intro

2.black decelerant – two

3.anoushka Shankar – in the end

4.suss – birds

5.john cale – there will be no river

6.cassandra Jenkins – omakase

7.villagers – behind that curtain

8.danny paul grody duo – hawk hill

9.richard Hawley – I’ll never get over you

10.pablo`s eye – mysterious city

11.uncle acid &the deadbeats – il te soro di sardegne(the treasure of Sardinia)

12.immersion&cubzoa – in the universe

13.king Hannah – like a prayer

14.loren kramar – glove maker

15.aQuaserge –  shoot de love

16.khartomb – synkro

17.beth gibbons – whispering love

18.klangkollektor – garden pond

19.sunns – the breaks

20.aesop rock – Bermuda

21.bettye swann – I’m lonely for you

22.serpent with feat – damn gloves(feat. Ty dolla sign&yanga ya ya)

23.kit Sebastian – Faust

24.headache – the party that never ends

25.mermaid chunky – chaperone

26.project Gemini – lost in the woods(bacchanal)

27.james white &the blacks – contort yourself(august darnell rmx) JAMES CHANCE R.I.P

28.chic – believer

29.boeckner – lose

30.arab strap – haven’t you heard

31.kid congo&the pink monkeybirds – a beast, a priest

32.t.raumhouse – Samstag nacht

33. la luz – blue moth cloud shadow

34.kelly Stoltz – switch on switch off

35.the oscillation – war on the mind

36.pond – neon river

37.ella raphel – mad sometimes