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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 02/06/2020

1.sufjan stevens&Lowell brams-“the runaround”


3.kaitlyn Aurelia smith-“remembering”

4.michal jocaszek-“the iron bridge”(from the movie soundtrack)


6.roger eno&brian eno-“slow movement sand”

7.jess wiilliamson-“sorceress”

8.stubbleman-“piety wharf”

9.syml-“symmetry”(zero7 rmx)

10.jo bogaert-“ambient kinsky”

11.trees speak-“witch wound”

12.einstürzende neubauten-“taschen”

13.steve cobby-“a frank sonata”

14.moses sumney-“me in 20 years”

15.rose city band-“empty bottles”

16.pantha du prince-“pius in tacet »

17.aksak maboul-« soraffites »

18.soft hearted scientiysts-« please read me( a bee gees cover)

19.kam-“indian rain”

20.thievery corporation feat. Elin meigarejo-“Lebanese blonde”(excerpt)

21.peter Gabriel-“taboo” feat. Nusrat fateh ali khan

22.annette peacock-“sky-skating”

23.brigid mae power-“on a city night”

24.the turtles-“all my problems”

25.jackie lynn-“control”

26.the bonzo dog band-“i`m the urban spaceman”


28.sudden sway-“creative marketing in 8 dimensions”

29.chicano batman-“polymetronomic  harmony”

30.chicano batman-“the way”

31.monophonics-“day by day”


33.other lives-“hey hey I”


35.jarvis cocker-“house music all night long”(Jason`s jack is mix)

36.adi bronicki&red axes-“sticks and stones”

37.normil Hawaiians-“the beat goes on”

38.finlay Shakespeare-“fortune”

39.four tet-“love salad”

40.cold beat-“paper”(excerpt)