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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 02/05/2023

1.die wilde jagd – ein anfang

2.the orb – prism

3.nathan solsburg – a hovering

4.north Americans – crossed up

5.john Foxx – lovers and strangers

6.steve gunn&david moore – libration

7.steve Cobby – all the faith I had had had no effect

8.rose city band – Saturday`s gone

9.i:cube – kaszio plus 1

10.nicolas Godin – love humans(from fire of love movie soundtrack)

11.blue mountain eagle – promise of love

12.ifsonever – counting coins

13.marianne Faithfull – losing

14.spencer Cullum`s coin collection – the same day departure

15.uri katzenstein – caretakers

16.jonathan Bree – epicurean

17.kikagaku moyo – white moon

18.harry Belafonte – banana boat song /HARRY BELAFONTE R.I.P

19.nancy Sinatra&lee hazlewood – machine gun Kelly

20.dean blunt – Rib feat. Gaira

21.easy star all- stars  – five years dub( a david bowie cover)

22.mark stewart – storm crow //MARK STEWART  R.I.P

23.mark stewart – outlaw empire (a. Sherwood dub mix)// MARK STEWART R.I.P

24.erykah badu – twinkle

25.the hollow hand – before tomorrow(Avalon mix by richard Norris)

26.run the jewels – ooh la la feat. Santa fe Klan(Mexican institute of sounds` s version)

27.p.i.l – Hawaii

28.john cale – the legal status of ice feat. Fat white family

29.the mirror – stars feat. Aiste hotiejünaite&blesz

30.gorillaz – tormenta feat. Bad bunny

31.fred und Luna – aurum c

32.constant smiles – finding ways

33.altin gün – doctor civanim

34.naeon teardrops – outbound( orig.)

35.snapped ankles – tube plane

36.niv Ast – I get around

37.add n to (x) – brothel charge

38.david menke&lionel liminana – master plan feat. Oliver howlett