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Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 02/04/2024

1.troels hammer – touch the sky

2.four Tet – skater

3.kutiman – all rivers

4.robert Wyatt – red Alhambra

5.beth gibbons – floating on a moment

6.moly Lewis – slinky

7.cowboy sadness – second rodeo feat. Bing&ruth

8.karl bartos – tragic message (from the cabinet of dr. caligari soundtrack)

9.gentle stranger – kestrel

10.vera sola – is that you?

11.i monster – heaven

12.kreidler – hands

13.high llamas – yoga goat

14.serpentwithfeet –  lucky me

15.nadine shah – see my girl

16.fred und Luna – intro(future sounds of kraut 2)

17.corridor – chenil

18.klaus Johann grobe – when you leave

19.edgar broughton band – mr.crosby

20.the beloved – the sun rising

21.yin yin – tam tam

22.brain ticket – from another planet

23.gruff Rhys – dance all your shadows to death

24.bas Jan – at the counter

25.aili – babychan

26.hyperculte – le chemin

27.MGMT – bubblegum dog

28.ride – Monaco

29.the telescopes – dead head lights

30.pond – I’m stung

31.the third bardo – I’m five years ahead of my time

32.traffic sound – destruction

33.the seeds – out of the question

34.the Bevis frond – focus on nature

35.red axes – marshmallow feat. Adi scothque&janset

36.the Jesus and Mary chain –  girl 71

37.charles moothart – roll

38.w.h lung –  nothing is

39.bolis pupul – spicy crab

40.nic Arizona – floating the flood (Lena willikens rmx)- excerpt