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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 02/03/2021

1.Pfundheller-    revolution vii

2.A winged victory for the sullen-   so that the city can begin to exist

3.chameleon-    garden of light

4.pauline anna strom-    temple gardens at midnight

5.steve cobby-   the outer silver pit

6. tim story-   scene and artifact

7.buck meek-  dream daughter

8.tindersticks-  tue-moi

9.unkle-   farewell

10.christian kjellvander-  loneliest woman in the world

11.clark-   abyss thick&wide(from Daniel isn`t real movie soundtrack)

12.martin gore-  howler`s end

13.giorgio the dove valentineo-  suicide note

14.tiziano popoli-   svelf

15.jane weaver-  all the things you do

16.yu su-  gleam

17.gareth sager-  those suns of witches were too tightly wrapped

18.erykah badu&james poyser-  tempted(a squeeze cover)

19.sault-   little boy

20.paul mccartney-   deep deep feeling

21.husky rescue-  poison(alice cooper cover)

22.paul leary( butthole surfers)-  sugar is the gateway drug

23.margo guryan-  love songs

24.the KLF-  san Rafael to mexico city

25 noriko miyamoto-  arrows&eyes

26.sly&Robbie-   mad piano

27.menahan street band-   the starchaser

28.negativland-   failure

29.elegiac(aka graham lewis, ted Milton/blurt&sam britton)-   vous et ici

30.the besnard lakes-  Christmas can wait

31.mogwai-  dry fantasy

32.the notwist-  al sur feat. Juana Molina

33.psychedelic porn crumpets-  tally- ho

34.django Django-  spirals

35.sofia kourtesis-  la perla(edit)

36.madmadmad-  hot disco

37.fontaines d.c-  a hero`s death(soulwax rmx)

38.the pearls-   groovy beat(jura soundsystem edit)