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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 02/02/2021

1.isobel waller-bridge-   September

2.weather tunes&faro-   heat

3.drew mcdowall-   agalma vii(toyor el jansen feat.bashor Suleiman, elvin brendhi&msylma)

4.richard Norris-   space

5.ben Lukas boysen-   presidential suite( from the collini case soundtrack)

6.unkle-  ambient sunrise

7.elvis costello-   I do(zula`s song)

8.jabu-   pretend

9.deep space network-   zenn la

10.charis davis-   august

11.christian kjellvander-    baptist lodge( the galaxy)

12.buck meek-    candle

13.golden bug and the liminanas-   variation sur 3 bancs

14.matt berry-   october sun

15.the notwist-  night`s too dark

16.jason Havelock/eric demarsan-   the explosion/the impossibility(excerpt)

17.mourning (A)blkstar- be

18.wheel up feat. Afronaut,brint story&destiny will-   good love(radio edit)

19.ash-  white desert

20.the twilight sad-    there`s a girl in the corner(Robert smith version)

21.goat girl-   sad cowboy

22.mugwump-    breakdown feat. Samy Birnbach ( a snowy red cover)

23.dj krush-    hidden shadow

24.the RZA-   opening theme(raise your sword instr.)(from ghost dog  movie soundtrack)

25. sault-   hard life

26.surprise chef-   college welcome

27. the avalanches-    reflecting light feat. Wshti bunyan&sananda maitrye

28.little barrie&Malcolm catto-   you`re only you

29.bob Dylan-   tombstone blues( alternate chambers brothers version)

30.spill gold-   bird soul

31.psychedelic porn crumpets-    mr. prism

32.king gizzard and the lizard wizard-    straws in the wind

33.mogollar-    dinleyiverin gari

34. sven wunder-    morning glory

35.berry sacharof&dudu tassa-   ya  ba  la

36.death valley girls-   hold my hand

37. martin gore-   capuchin

38.mort garson/  the  electric blues society-    our day will come

39.the orb-  daze in dub(excerpt)