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DJ Morpheus – 23-07-2016 – Lysergic Factory

1.der zyklus-“visible spectrum”

2.nonkeen-“back and forth”

3.cliff Martinez-“jesse sneaks into her room”(from the original film score of neon demon)

4.it`s a fine line-“blinker reprise”

5.ray lamontagne-“homecoming”

6.cats eyes-“well be waiting”

7.michael kiwanuka-“falling”

8.weval-“you made it(pt.1)”

9.tin machine/david bowie-“amlapura”(Indonesian version)

10.death and vanilla-“from above”

11.koreless-“last remnants”

12.aquaserge-“les zouzes”

13.vivian goldman-« same thing twice »

14.fauna twin-“the ladder”

15.beyond the wizards sleeve-“diagram girl”

16.oy-“space diaspora”

17.nrsb 11/commodified-“living wage”

18.space dimension controller-“the bad people”


20.sei A-“space in your mind”

21.sepalcure-“no honey”

22.death in vegas-“arise”

23.soulwax feat.chloe Sevigny-“heaven scent”

24.wreckless erik-“whole wide world”

25.the avalanches-“the wozard of iz”

26.dj shadow-“ghost town”

27.nyz-“creativalizationistizk unhinged…1234 testing”

28.the allergies-“rock rock”feat.andy cooper

29.tv Miguel-“Miguel waves”(tame impala rmx)

30.the monkees-“you bring the summer”

31.iggy pop-“girls of n.y”

32.allen Ginsberg feat. Bob Dylan-“do the meditation rock”

33.terry reid-“let`s go down”

34.minor victories-“ a hundred ropes”


36.vox low-“some words of faith”

37.munk-“the bolero bunuel”(red axes rmx)

38.pussy mothers-“echo party”

39.lizzy mercier des cloux-“herpex simplex”(tussle rmx)

40.mr. tc-« brother`s bed »

41.vytas brenner-“bang going gone”

42.aleksandr sergeyevich zatsepin-“the shaman`s dance”

43.the mystery lights-“intro/follow me home”

44.bader motor-“disappear in Amerika”

45.holy fuck-“acidic”

46.undidentified man-“defaced places”

47.humour malade-“don`t fall”

48.nacht und nebel-« shla bah dah »

49.daniele beldelli/cosmic temple chapter 3-„kosmaro“

50.your planet is next-„do u wanna freak?“