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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Création radiophonique – 15/06/2020 – 15h – Our Common Isolation

For 60 minutes, we will focus on public space sounds during Covid-19-confinement time. If the sound environment of the common spaces has changed, so too has our listening. We hear other things, we discover other forms of life. Here we propose a circular travel around a padded capital.Soundmap contributors : Rik De Bruycker, Flavien Gillié, Omar Hobo, Severine Irene V. Janssen, Federica Palmieri, Nicolas Pommier, Simon Terre Solaire.

BNA/BBOT is a Brussels-based organisation dedicated to the past, present and future sound memory of Brussels. Since 2000, BNA-BBOT generates a history and memory of the city through the stories and memories of its inhabitants. They have compiled closed to 20,000 items of sound data that form the history of the city. A kind of documentative experience over a very long course, which is not only intended to capture the voices and sounds that pass, but to also create multiple forms that can be heard and returned to the city. BNA-BBOT is today composed of Séverine Janssen, Flavien Gillié and Omar Hobo.