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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Création radiophonique – 07/10/2019 – 15h02 – The Great Scheme En Masse – Fierbinteanu

The Great Scheme En Masse, by art-pop project Fierbinteanu, is an ear-candy audio work on the present days’ societal, political and cultural propaganda associated with the past, the future and with (the solutions to) the problems of Humanity.

More precisely, it is an experimental story about the everyday realities, beliefs and/or “en masse” illusions: human, environmental & civil rights, pornography, Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, God, Satan, Elvis, New York and so on.

The piece is designed as a sonic selfie of every person in the world, including art critics, from the beginning of time till now. It is a sound-collage with symphonic ambitions, filtered through a diplomatic-punk aesthetic.

The Great Scheme En Masse is based on a musical album by Fierbinteanu, released in 2018 and available here: https://fierbinteanu.bandcamp.com/album/the-great-scheme-of-things

Fierbinteanu is a multi-laureate independent art project, with activities related to experimental pop music, sound, radio and video art, contemporary choreography and theater. Gabriela and Cristian Fierbinteanu have performed live on relevant European scenes, including Berlin Konzerthaus, and released albums via European and Romanian independent labels.

Their works have been presented and have received awards or special mentions, as of 2019, in international festivals of contemporary art, performance, radio, music and film:

Phonurgia Nova (Paris – 2018, 2019), Grand Prix Nova (Bucharest/ 2018 and 2019), Nuit de la fiction sonore à Arles (France – 2019), Arts and Science days (St. Etienne/France – 2019), 60 Seconds Radio (Canada – 2019), Datscha Radio (Berlin/Germany, 2019), Next On Stage by Transilvania International Film Festival (Alba Iulia/Romania – 2018), 11+1 Independent Contemporan – « Marin Sorescu » National Theater (Craiova/Romania, 2017), Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (2018), Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (2018 & 2017), LikeCNDB (National Center for Dance Bucharest/Romania, 2017), Pilot edition of the Central European Choreography Biennale by CNDB (Bucharest/Romania, 2016), Dvorak Marathon (Belin Konzerthaus, 2013), Dvorak remix contest by The Czech Cultural Center in Bucharest (2012).

“Un auteur à suivre” – Phonurgia Nova, Paris, about Cristian Fierbinteanu
« An artistic duo that sincerely deserves total fascination » – Art7
« One of the most eccentric creatures of the independent music made in Romania » – DILEMA veche
« The oddest and most experimental duo of the Romanian electronic music » – VICE Romania.
« The electronic-psychedelic duo of Romania » – Stereo Beasts