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Carte Blanche – 23/02/2019 – 18h – Autour du festival Kraak 2019

KRAAK festival is the annual expedition to the outer edges of new music lands and the transforming habitats of avant-garde pioneers. Led by the idea to create an extended festival experience and flip the accustomed patterns of playing and listening to the music, this year we are launching a 24 hours journey kindly hosted by our friends from Beursschouwburg.

Next to the extensive music programme, the festival features the experimental film screening Spatialised latency (inbetween the acts), curated by Nathalie Papillon, the pop-up expo, and the label market. To accommodate 24 hours festival experience, we have provided the chill-out space, as well as the festival breakfast. The full 24-hour programme is hosted and presented by Amber Meulenijzer.

This year’s festival is curated jointly by the KRAAK festival committee, a group of close collaborators and supporters: Ernesto Gonzalez, Dieter Durinck, Gustave Demoen, Lizzy Vandierendonck, Maarten Raskin, Matthieu Levet, Niels Verougstraete, Sebastiaan Willemen and Victor Van Wassenhove.