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Archive for juin 25, 2024

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 25/06/2024

1.alessandro”asso” stefana – out of the blue

2.hermanos Gutierrez – luz y sombra

3.boris blank – mirage

4.flore laurentienne – la nuit bleue

5.giant sand – bottom line man

6.craig Leon – four floods of the point

7.marina Allen – red cloud

8.anoushka Shankar – daydreaming feat. Nils frahm

9.immersion&thor Harris – the house of thor

10.c418/Minecraft vol.2 – mutation

11.casey MQ – baby voice

12.klaus Johann grobe – you gave it all

13.mvi zyu – ???

14.beth gibbons – tell me who you are today

15.thala – in theory depression(stripped)

16.jeremiah chiu – in electric time

17.bertrand Belin – douves

18.cigarettes after sex – flash

19.uncle acid& the dead beats – la vipera/the viper

20.project Gemini – entre chien et loup

21.crack cloud – the medium

22.einstürzende neubauten – es könnte sein(excerpt)

23. la luz – dandelions

24.simple symmetry – che che(the horseman rmx)

25.fat white family – what`s that you say

26.memorials – acceptable experience

27.john cale – Davies and wales

28.beak – bloody miles

29.amen dunes – rugby child

30.pond – so lo

31.hyperculte – tôt au tard

32.jd pinkus – mohair glasses

33.arab strap – bliss

34.coma – transmission failure

35.king Hannah – new York, let’s do nothing

36.kelly Stoltz – losing my wild

37.the Bevis frond – leb off

38.richard Hawley – deep space

38.ride – Portland rocks

39.the Jesus and Mary chain – discotheque

40.kid congo&the pink monkeybirds – the boy had it all

41.aquaserge – je suis galaxie

42.sewell&the gong – passing oort clouds(Justin Robertson  dead stock 33rmx)(excerpt)