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Archive for juin 4, 2024

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 04/06/2024

1.myriam gendrom – Dorothy`s blues

2.c418/minicraft – Clark

3.gefen Miron – Cinderella syndrome

4.beth gibbons – burden of life

5.klangkollektor – tabarka

6.king Hannah – this wasn`t intentional

7.pablo`s eye – the deep dark days of September

8.mary Lattimore and Walt mcClementsnts  –  nest of earrings

9.boris blank – angel base

10.villagers – brother hen

11.sivan levy – kick off

12.head ache – bucket listener

13.discovery zone – operating system

14.fat white family – religion for one

15.david Allen – poet for sale

16.richard Hawley – heavy rain

17.mui zyu – everything to die for

18.richard head&the red elastic band – ambrosia

19.wolfsheim – broken whisper

20.barry adamson – please don`t call on me

21.johnny jewel – voices in the forest

22.marvin Pontiac(aka john Lurie) – unbelievable

23.yin yin – the year of the tiger

24.the turtles – I get out of breath

25.the other half – Mr. Pharmacist

26.the heliocentrics – outro

27.beak – hungry are we

28.il est vilaine – Kool menthol

29.amen dunes – purple land

30.bullion – a city`s never

31.project Gemini – after the dawn

32.tia tua shen – Syria

33.charsinot – chatol/ a cat

34.tualet – balila/at night

35.gudrun gut – garten(edit)

36.kid congo&the pink monkeybirds – east of east

37.blue orchids – a year with no head

38.can(live in Aston 77`) – zwei

39.aquaserge  – le saut du Tigre

40.the kvb – in the silence

41.I monster – some things come true

42.a certain ratio – bitten by a lizard

43.the the – cognitive dissident