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Archive for janvier 3, 2024

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 02/01/2024

1.moritz von Oswald – luminoso(version)

2.aporia(aka Lowell brams&sufian stevens – eudalmonle

3.chris davis – in the afternoon

4.kaitlyn Aurelia smith&emile mosseri – login your fire

5.julie Byrne – summer glass

6. dj shadow – the prophecy

7.vince Clarke –red planet

8.pauline Anna strom – freedom at the 45th floor

9.pointe du lac – un narval male sue soo possède deux défenses

10.global communication – 4 :14

11.laid back – road to fame

12.emma Anderson(from lush) – bend the round

13.bjork&rosalia – oral

14.room 25 – song 32

15.still corners – let`s make up

16.grian chatten – fairlies

17.jane weaver – love in constant spectacle

18.aboriginal voices – le jour l`ennui

19.poppy – what it becomes

20.jonathan Bree – we`ll be forgotten

21.hakushi hasegawa – doku(excerpt)

22. cat power&iggy pop – working class hero(a john Lennon cover)

23.samy Birnbach – shmour al atzmecha/keep yourself safe

24.orchestra manoeuvres in the dark – Bauhaus staircase

25.fujiya&miyagi – digital hangover

26.michael head&the red elastic band – ciao ciao bambino

27.david Holmes feat. Raven violet – stop apologizing

28.kenny segal&billy woods – rapper weed

29.aesop rock – time moves differently here

30.the streets – too much yayo

31. dj muggs&dean Hurley – infinity techno

32.principles of geometry – kidsangls (joakim edit)

33.meatraffle – street names pt.2

34.drop nineteens – tarantula

35.rolling stones – dreamy skies

36.psychedelic porn crumpets – cpt.gravity mouse welcome

37.x-ray spex – junk food junkie

38.creations unlimited – Chrystal illusion

39.enon! – come into

40.pale blue eyes – spaces

41.goat – under no nation

42.walther&olio – jamen jan