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Archive for mars 17, 2021

Midi Express mercredi 17/03/2021

Concours du Brussels Art Film Festival


Panier culturel Kilti spécial cinéma


On a écouté… (Artiste ou Groupe : Titre du morceau < Titre de l’album)

Archie Bronson Outfit : We Are Floating < Wild Crush

Baba Roga : Tempête extérieure (feat. Léontine) < Radio Baba

The Ukrainians : Tепер ми Говоримо (Teper mi hovorimo) < Ворони (Vorony)

Useless Eaters : Breathing Smear < Temporary Mutilation

Bernard Fripiat : D’où vient le futur de « avoir » ?

Pedigree : Blank Page < Connected?

Choolers Division : Hey 9 < Choolers Division

Jean Jean : Anada < Froidepierre

Billions of Comrades : Posse < Rondate

All Caps : Marshmallow Scarecrow (épouvantail) < We Were Wrong Run Run Run

La Jungle : Helizona (extrait) < II

Mont-Doré : Let’s Not Slam Doors Anymore < Fractures

Ed Wood Jr : Kow < The Home Electrical

Quadrupède : Rhododendron < T O G O B A N

Castles : Bask in the Slimelight < Fiction or Truth?

Seilman Bellinsky : Occidens < Seilman Bellinsky

Thot : Citizen Pain < The City That Disappears

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory – 16/03/2021

1.tor Lundvall-   Christmas eve

2.bola-   aguilla

3.nick cave&warren ellis-   albuquerque

4.tindersticks-   a man needs a maid( a neil young cover)

5.steven Wilson-   count of unease

6. Pauline Anna strom-   small reptiles on the forest floor

7.chameleon-   falling down to the earth

8.tim story-   burst

9.jose Manuel-    Cumana sibilla

10.a winged victory for the sullen-    the merchants of seven nations

11.georgio “the dove” valentine-   washed out world

12. ben Lukas boysen-   P1(from the movie soundtrack the Collini case)

13. archive-  old artist

14.charis&nogi-   refugees

15.ikebe shakedown-   horses

16.jah wobble-   old Jewish east end of London dub

17.serge gainsbourg&france gall-   les sucettes w/dialogue(live on french tv( 67`)

18.nancy Sinatra-  Indian summer( l`ete indian joe Dassin cover)

19.dima pantyushin&sasha lipsky-   chess( excerpt)

20.elegiac( aka graham Lewis, blurt/ted Milton &Sam britten)-   one two

21.paul Leary(  from butthole surfers)-   do you like to eat a cow

22.ennio Morricone-    muscoli di velluto(from the movie soundtrack malamondo)

23.doug carn-   blue in green feat. Jean carn( a miles davis cover)

24. al green-   before the next teardrop falls ( a Freddy fender cover)

25.menahan street band-   there was a man

26.common-   courageous feat. Stevie wonder&pj

27.dojo cuts feat. Carlton jumel smith-  here we are

28.django Django-   kick the devil out

29. kid congo&the pink monkey birds-  (I can`t afford) your shitty dreamhouse

30.camera-   hermonite

31.black country, new road-    instrumental

32. mogwai-  supposedly, we were nightmares

33.zongamin-  underwater paramid

34.cabaret Voltaire-   skinwalker

35. sofia kourtesis-   by your side

36.who made who&rebolledo-   twenty years