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Archive for juin 24, 2020

Mu 14/06/2020

  1. Yamaneko – Spiral Cloud Passage
  2. Lorenzo Senni – Canone Infinito
  3. Lorenzo Senni – Dance Tonight Revolution Tomorrow
  4. Deathbed Convert – Sky Burial
  5. Deathbed Convert – Debris of Echoes
  6. Nozomu Matsumoto – Night/Disco
  7. Marina Rosenfeld ans Ben Vida – Any Landscape
  8. Dulal Roy (Bansuri) & Himangshu Biswas ‎(Santoor) – Raga Bhupali
  9. Eroc – Kleine Eva
  10. Jon Anderson –  Moon Ra – Chords – Song Of Search
  11. Cukor Bila Smert – Wideń Spyt’ (Vienna Is Sleeping)


Midi Express mercredi 24/06/2020

Le nouveau label By the Bluest of Seas à découvrir ici


le site




Mercredi 1/7 Big Horse - Post Apocalypse Party!


Jeudi 2/7 au Lac 


Pétition contre le projet  Key West


On a écouté...

Memes : Blah Blah Blah < Blah Blah Blah

Leonard Cohen : Bird on a Wire < Songs from a Stage: The Lost Broadcast

Big Horse : Wild Wild Lover

Desert Sharks : I Don’t Know How to Dress for the Apocalypse < Baby’s Gold Death Stadium

Hochiwah : Les flaques en mousses < Vol.1 Respecter les doses prescrites par la compil’ [Grand Écart Records]

The Ramones : Beat on the Brat

The Men : Hated (The Men were formed in 2008, in Brooklyn)

Datura Sunday’s Walk : Naked < Compilation « Take a Rhum and Die »

The Fabulous Fairies : Motorhead < Teenage Jungle Baby

Yoshio Machida & Cal Lyall : Blue Vigil < Premeditation

Pak Yan Lau & Darin Gray : Suspended Though < Trudge Lightly

Blues Brother Castro : Dirty Works < Fun 

Kōban : Rappeler < Vide

Les Sheriff : Trop de tentations < Les 2 doigts dans la prise

Clément Delhomme : Blanc Blanc Rouge < Et dire que les abeilles seront mortes avant l’art…

Oneida : Each One Teach One < Each One Teach One

Susan : I Held Her in My Arms (Violent Femmes) < TV Girls

Chris Watson : River Mara at Dawn < Stepping into the Dark

Pourquoi être terre à terre alors qu’on peut surfer sur les ondes #21 with Stel-R

La playlist arrive!

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 23/06/2020

1.       Luke Schneider,                invicta affection

2.       Jacaszck,                          twelve years(from the film november soundtrack)

3.       Thys&amon tobin,                 house of mirrors

4.       Seahawks,                       smooth runnings

5.       Pejzaz,                              baltyk

6.       Gigi masin,                      enter venus

7.       Troels  hammer,                crepusculo

8.       Moses sumney,                   and so I come to isolation

9.        Plone,                                  day trip

10.      Ben shemie,                       a single point of light

        11.    Sonic boom,                       just imagine

         12.   bob Dylan,                          mother of muses

         13.   neil young,                          love is a rose

          14.   tobin sprout,                     the man I used to know

           15.   the mystery  kindaichi band,                     inugamike no ichizoku

           16.   the  liminanas,                  one blood circle

           17.    other  lives,                          all eyes/for their love

           18.    jarv is(aka Jarvis cocker),                   save the whale

            19.   dead famous people,                      harry

             20.   four tet,                                    bubbles at overlook 25th march 2018

              21.   fred und luna,                      thore` magnetique

              22.   tobias,                                   emu      

23.    peter Gabriel,                      nocturnal

24.    philippe cohen solal,                  afro bolero(pote rmx)

25.   tony allen&hugh masekela,                    we`ve landed

26.    aksak maboul,                           formely known as defile

27.     rone,                                         babel

28.    rose city band,                        wee hours

29.    chicano batman,                     bella

30.     wire,                                 the art of persistence     

31.      les grys-grys,                    in a loop

32.      damaged bug,                 microminiature love

33.     trees speak,                      soul sequencer

34.     the lovely eggs,                 bear pit

35.     la priest,                              beginning

36.     monophonics,                    its only us

37.      kaytranada,                       oh no     feat. Estelle

38.      the chambers brothers,                    all strung out over you 

39.       Jackie lynn,                          odessa