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Archive for juin 8, 2020

Création Radiophonique – 08/06/2020 – 15h – Olli Aarni – Etäisyyksiä (Oscillation – Mayday Radio Marathon)

Etäisyyksiä is a sound-based bilingual radio essay about distances. Texts in Finnish and English are merged with fragments of sound, offering a subjective glimpse at what is nearby and what is looming in the distance. How far is still within reach?

Olli Aarni is an experimental musician and sound artist from Finland. He has released over 20 records in four continents, performed in various European countries and Japan, and worked in the fields of sound poetry and radio. His approach to sound is constantly in flux, ranging from electronic feedback to traditional instruments, and from language-based sounds to field-recording.


Teenage Kicks 03/06/2020

  1. Broken heart – Moonlighters (LP Teenage Heaven)
  2. Topsy ’65 – Hal Blaine (LP RCA Victor)
  3. Bird-doggin’ – Gene Vincent (LP Topline)
  4. Action woman – The Litter (LP BFD jusqu’au morceau 16)
  5. 99th floor – Moving Sidewalks
  6. I’m in Pittsburgh and it’s rainin’ – Outcasts
  7. Green fuzzzzzzzz – Green Fuzz
  8. Going all the way – Squires
  9. I can only give you everything – Little Boy Blues
  10. Who do you love – Preachers
  11. I must run – Phil & the Frantics
  12. 1-2-5  – The Haunted
  13. Go ahead – Squires
  14. Beaver patrol – Wild Knights
  15. It’s cold outside – The Choir
  16. Dance Franny dance – Floyd Dakil Combo
  17. You burn me up & down – We The People (EP Caméléon)
  18. Somewhere in the country – Gene Pitney (45t CBS)
  19. He cried – The Shangri-La’s (45t Red Bird)
  20. Live the life – Oblivians & Quintron (LP Crypt)
  21. Parchman farm -Mose Allison (Double LP Prestige)
  22. Je les veux toutes -Go-Go Pigalles (LP Phillips)
  23. Rare as the yeti – Kid Congo & Pink Monkeybirds (LP In the Red)
  24. Dis-moi combien de jours – Go-Go Pigalles (LP Phillips)
  25. Human fly – The Crampssssssssssssssssss (LP Illegal)
  26. Heartfull of soul – Chris Isaak (LP WB)
  27. 16 tons – Nilsson (LP Pickwick)
  28. Souvenirs de Paris – Go-Go Pigalles (LP Phillips)