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Le cimetière imaginaire des Nouvelles Hybrides, praise to 39 :HIS NAME IS ALIVE, playlist

Avec , du répertoire de HIS NAME IS ALIVE :

-as we could ever

-her eyes were huge things

-Caroline’s supposed demon

-are we still married ?


-Put your finger in your eye

-How ghosts affect relationships

-Home is in your head


-Why people disappear


-Dreams are of the body

-E-Nicolle reprise

-Are you comin’ down this weekend ?

-If July (was my friend, I would not be alone)


-Can’t go wrong without you

-Baby fish mouth

-Is this the way the tigers do ?

-the homesick waltz

-we hold the land in great esteem

-the bees

-Beech boys/universal frequencies

-the sand that hold the lakes in place

-your word against mine

-Home gospel

-Ain’t no lie

-there’s something between us and he’s changing my words (live at Livonia 2007)

-don’t glue the world

-Baby you feel me up

-spirit needs a spirit tool

-darkest dreams


-fossil reprise

-lemon ocean

-library girl (with DARA)

-my feathers needed cleaning

-smooth, across the street

-chances are we are mad

-Love’s a fish eye

-send me a dragonfly (live at Livonia 2007)

Side projects et collaborations :

WARN DEFEVER : Livonia – Michigan

WARN DEFEVER : sad songs & waltzes

LIQUORICE : blew it

E.S.P. CONTINENT : sticky sun

AFTER THE FLOOD with Warren DEFEVER : we believe you

proposé par EG/Derek Sein

Vibes to the trolls .

contact : hvalmitdereksein

(at) yahoo.fr

Bises aux fées !

Le cimetière imaginaire « Darkfolk » des Nouvelles Hybrides, playlist

A risky tale of darkfolk songs , avec ce soir :
SOL INVICTUS : our lady of the missing presumed dead
Ô PARADIS : tan cerca
NAEVUS : Stephanie, i forgive you
CURRENT 93 : misery farm
SORROW : Loki and evil
STURMPERCHT : wilde gesellen
CHANGES : R.I.P. Van Winkle’s pipe dream
BERKANA : die Leere
DERNIERE VOLONTE : coeur de légionnaire
FALKENSTEIN : König von Thule
FORESTA DI FERRO : bulli e pupe
FRÄKMÜNDT : Beresinalied
NOVY SVET : cocaïnum mood
OF THE WAND AND THE MOON : hail hail hail
LIBIDO MORTIDO : one moon circles
DEATH IN JUNE & BOYD RICE : summer is gone
STURMPERCHT : das Geschenk der Wildfrau
JÄGERBLUT : Dornwald
SHIRLEY COLLINS : Lord Allenwater
HEKATE : die Gedanken sind frei
ROME : die Brandstifter
PASSIONE NERA : return of the fly
VARUNNA : noi senza voi
GAE BOLG : le diable parle
OMNE DATUM OPTIMUM : vers funèbres
CURRENT 93 : when the may rain comes
ALBIREON : il volo insonne
TENHI : kuoppa
IANVA : Bora
LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE : fée verte, que vous êtes jolie !!
mix, vibes, shadows : E.G. alias Derek Sein
contact : hvalmitdereksein
(at) yahoo.fr
Bises aux spectres !