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Midi Express sur son Big Horse avec Ricky Billy – mercredi 08/05/2019

Big Horse & Freddie and The Vangrails

On a écouté…

Jesus Is My Son : Première danse de Sabbat < Faust et l’Enfer de Dante

The Lords of Altamont : Going Downtown

Cyanide Pills : Shallow < Johnny Thunders Lived in Leeds EP

Freddie & The Vangrails : Marching Song of the Weak (by Eric & The Midberms) < Lips That Touch Liquor Shall Not Touch Ours

Speedball Jr. : Swimming with the Sharks

dragSTER : United Decay < Anti-Everything

Big Horse : deux chansons en live SVP !

Mr Marcaille : Destroy < One Human Bomb

Hetouht : N9 < No One Rolls for Free

Ovo : Candida < Cicatrici

Pied Pipers : Molly Brannagan – Jennie’s Chochens – Drowsey Maggy < compilation The Very Best of Irish Music and Ballads

David Rosenboom : Part I : The Winding of a Spring: The Stochastic Part (extrait) < Zones of Influence

Mec Yek : Bashav mange < Antikrisis

O Yama O : Oni < O Yama O

Brahja Waldman {aka B R A H J A} : Sniffing Tears (extrait) < Wisdomatic

Clover’s Cloé : Plus qu’un aurore < Tales from My Skyscraper

Brussels Pony Club : Full of Despair < Membership

Leila Bordreuil / Michael Foster : Wherever the Organism Discharges Its Internal Rottenness (extrait) < The Caustic Ballads