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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Midi Express – 25/11 @ 12h – Playlist

The Jesus & Mary Chain – The Hardest Walk
Trash Palace feat. John Cale – The Insult
Joy As A Toy – Sub Rosa
Fat Gadget – Lady Shave
The Experimental Tropic Blues Band – Keep This Love
Teme Tan – Happy Za
Thot – Moved Hills
Aucan – Blurred (feat. Angela Kinczly)
Shampoo – Skinny White Thing
Le Tigre – Dyke March 2001
Radio 4 – Start A Fire
Johannes Heil – Children Of The Night
Von Magnet – Mostar Ange
Volsoc – Compuphonic Intelligence (Mutated By Basskittens & Singlecell Orchestra)
Squeaky Lobster – Runnin’ Amok
Hint – Flexible
Emilie Autumn – Dead Is The New Alive (Velvet Acid Christ Club Mix)