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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlists des 14 et 21 juin

1.thurston moore-“benediction”.2.kruder&dorfmeister-“ayjay”.3.harri stojka-“bau no was au”.4.kolombo-“waiting for”(m. mayer rmx).5.minimal compact-“the well”. 6. James pants-“these girls”. 7. African head charge-“stoned age man”+”badman plan”.8.red snapper-“jack”&”great first touch”.9.billy Mackenzie-“blue it is”&”outernational”.10.gavin Friday-“sugar me”&”blame”&”a song that hurts”.11.rome-“season`s trees”.12.dole 2 harlem-“hoya-hoya”.13.si tew-“vaguly fading(red).14.drake-“marvin`s room”.15. gil-scott heron-“a place for you”.16.arrange-“when`d you find me”.17. hollies-“maker”+”Pegasus”.18.peter bjorn and john-“down like me”.19.zeus b.held-“music. Musik, musique”.20.snakes say hisss-“comes and goes”. 21. locussolus-“gunship” (a. weatherall rmx). 22. Jamie woon-“gravity”.23.murcof-“comu quisiera decirte”. 24. bot`ox-“crashed Cadillac”&”tout passé, tout lasse, tout casse” feat. Judy nylon.25.the shoes-“crack my bones”.26.-!!!-“jamie, my intentions are bass” (mfmb).27.prommer&barak-“dr. jackyll&mr. hyde”(p. kruder rmx).28.toob-“rotating road”.29.ariel pink’s mounted graffiti-“flight night”(dam funk rmx).30.down golden&rosy cross-“blacks”.31.metronomy-“the boy”(stop doing rmx).32.photek-“cecconi”.33.net beldwin-“lifted”.34.stricken city-“lost art”(gold panda rmx).35.joakim-“forever young”(discodeine rmx).36.zammuto-“yay”.37.aladdin-“mass confusion”(I cube rmx).38.marissa Nadler-“the sun always reminds me of you”.39.get a room edit-“we learn”.40.fm Belfast-“new year”.41.round table knights-“drop the dow”. 42. Shocks 1-“atwa”.43. Juju&jordash-“chelm is burning”.44.snowy red-“vision in Tokyo”.45.detachments-“circles”. 46.the glass family-“house of glass”.47.yeasayer-“madder red”(munk rmx). 48. Robag wruhme-“bommsen böff”&”tulpa ovi” 49. Seuil feat. Jaw-“ultravision”.50.cutcopy-“need you know”(carl craig rmx).51.bon iver-“perth”. 52. shigato-“sacrificial” (om unit rmx).53.the eyes of the beacon street union-“the prophet”.54.neud photo-“22:00 hours”.