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Le cimetière imaginaire praise to n°35 : MOMUS etc…des Nouvelles Hybrides

avec :
de MOMUS :
-Murderers, the hope of women
-the ultraconformist
-Sinister themes
-the hairstyle of the devil
-Lord of the dance
-it’s important to be trendy
-the homosexual
-multiplying love
-his majesty the baby
-ping pong with Hong Kong King Kong (a sing song)
-Cibachrome blue
-born to be adored by women
-how to spot an invert
-prostestant art
-Jesus in furs
-good morning world
-Christmas on earth
-lifestyles of the rich and famous
-I was a Maoist intellectual
-mountain music
-a monkey for Sallie
-what will death be like ?
et le reste :
JACQUES : dressing for winter
KAHIMI KARIE: what are you wearing ?
LAILA FRANCE : the sensations of orgasm
MOMUS & KEN MORIOKA : the sadness of things
THE HAPPY FAMILY : the salesman
MARIA NAPOLEON : the Mandalay cow
MASHCAT : I cat my hair
mix, vibes, heart : Derek Sein alias E.G.
contact :
(at) yahoo.fr
Les purs de coeur dépriment….
Bises aux hiboux….