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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Les playlists de Radio Campus

Retrouvez ici toutes les playlists des émissions de Radio Campus. Pour le Choix Musical Varié, nous travaillons à une page claire et précise à venir. Revenez bientôt!

Musiques & Continents – 08/01/2022

01. Tefla MadloumaMariem Hassan
02. Uthando Luphelile –Madosini
03. Uyang’khathazaManaf The Pianist
04. Al bint el shalabiyaCharbel Rouhana
05. A LamènLobi Traoré
06. KfarThe Touré-Raichel Collective
07. TouréThe Touré-Raichel Collective
08. Ali ya aliMajid Bekkas
09. FabalaFréres Guissé
10. Balade brésilienne-Gaël Faye ft. Flavia Coelho –
11. TropicalGaël Faye
12. AguasOmar Sosa
13. Who killed BangraTJ Rehmi
14. Entre Dos AguasPaco De Lucia
15. Synchro SystemKing Sunny Adé
16. How Dare YouSt Germain
17. Koya BluesAbou Diarra

Mu 09/01/2022

Lord Tang – Clip Clop

Valentina Goncharova – Insight

Valentina Goncharova – Dynamics

Molto – Set

Molto – Centre de rencontre

Helm – Axis

Helm – Tower

Fujita – Uzu

Michel Redolfi – Sunny Afternoon at Bird Rock Beach

Michel Redolfi – Fluide et sonique

Saint Abdullah – Hijab In High School

Hoavi – Antaxis

Playlist Campus Info 05/01/2022

Ce mercredi, entre 17h et 18h15, on a pu entendre sur Radio Campus Bruxelles :
Raed Yassin – Book of Psalms
Senor Coconut – We Are The Robots
JANA RUSH – Moanin’
Muqata’a – مُقاطعة – Simya
Christoph El Truento – HooHaa
Awanto 3 – Thick
Goldie – Inner City Life
Myriam Gendron – Au Coeur de Ma Délire
STIKSTOF – Grondleggers
Regal86 – Everybody Dies
Abyusif – Intro 3
Jasiah – Zit
Duke Deuce – Soldiers Steppin’
IAMNOBODI – The Hypnotic

Et on a parlé de :
Expo : Pakito Bolino & Pascal Leyder au Sterput
Discover La Senne brewery
ϟ FESTIVAL Folies Furieuses ϟ
Eye of the Taïga du FACIR
schiev festival 2022

(bonne année 🎈

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 04/02/2022

1.vanessa Wagner-  study of the invisible(Brian and roger eno cover)

2.reich&würden-  grainscan

3.david bowie-   the mysteries

4. LE MARAIS-  ogre hunter

5.daniel o`sullivan-    fruiting bodies

6.julianna Barwick-   star ray

7.u-ziq&mrs jynx-   the secret garden

8.joakim-   hepler39

9.glok-  kintsugi

10.spencer  Cullum-  the dusty floor

11.pal-  watering heights

12.saint Etienne-  I remember it all

13.polychron-  tij-u-wan(caznevada)

14.arandel-  capriccio

15.leo nocentelli-  tell me why

16.cult with no name-   this means war

17.andrew gabbard-  getting high

18.notte brigante-   ici commence la nuit

19.oneohtrix point never-  nothing`s  special feat. Rosalie

20.leonie pernet-  hard Billy

21.the black albumen(aka bigga bush)-  provokovief

22.el Michel’s affair-  uncut gem

23.altin gün-  sen clceks in ben ari

24.sheila Chandra-  the awakening

25.mogollar- bi`sey yapmali

26.hamid el shaeri-  reet

27.w.h lung-  empty room

28.psychedelic porn crumpets-  lava lamp pisco

29.robert plant&Alison krauss-  high and lonesome

30.squid-  boy racers(excerpt)

31.bush tetras-  das ah riot

32.trees speak-  stasi

33.jah wobble-  public image(metal box rebuilt in dub)

34.geese-  disco

35. the stranglers-  no man`s land

36.chris davis-    liquid cyan

37.in-D-   virgin in-D sky`s

38.cid rim-  blame

39.chic-  can`t stand to love you ( excerpt)


Midi Express 03/01/2022

12:02 :: Little Simz – Introvert

12:08 :: Low – White Horses

(Trix 04/05/2022)

12:19 :: Nala Sinephro – Space 1

12:23 :: Tirzah – Tectonic

(Ancienne Belgique Avril 2022)

12:35 :: The Spirit of the Beehive – There’s nothing you can’t do

12:38 :: Niño de Elche – Posesión por Tientos

12:45 :: Khali – Sirènes

12:49 :: Sherelle – 160 Down The A406

13:00 :: Danny L Harle & MC Boing – Boing Beat

13:01 :: Tondiue – Painted Creature

13:13 :: Anz – Unravel in the Designated Zone

13:18 :: Elvin T – Get Close

13:31 :: John Glacier – If Anything

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 28/12/2021

1.hans Zimmer-  the one(from dune movie soundtrack)

2.KMRU-   und

3.polychron plus-  ouverture feat. Carmen d`onofrio

4.o yuki conjugate-  tegen tonen

5.daniel o`sullivan-  orgone atténuation

6.kaitlyn aurelia Smith-  mt. Baker

7.jon Hopkins-  tayos caves,ecuador pt.2

8.ramases-  molecular délusions

9.u-ziq&mrs.jynx-   cocker boo

10.yui onodera-   cromo 6

11.the colorist orchestra&howe gelb-  ruin everything

12.mary Lattimore and jeff Ziegler-  the revealer alone

13.memory pearl-   untitled #17, 1958

14.damon albarn-  daft wader

15.mongolito-  years of nothingness

16.robert plant&Alison krauss-  going where the lonely go

17.factheory-   desormais

18.arandel-  sonatina(spring quartet version)

19.trees speak-  palantir

20. oracle-  fancy(a kinks/ray davis cover)

21.leo nocentelli-  thinking of the day

22.andrew gabbard-   grin song(excerpt)

24.the beach boys-   tears in the morning

25.the stranglers-   down

26.anita lane-   home is where the hatred is(gil Scott- heron cover)

27.david bowie-  pictures of lily( the who cover)

28.w.h lung-  calm down

29.kit sebastien-  agitate

30.vivien Goldman-  Russian doll

31.bim Sherman-   haunting ground dub(Adrian Sherwood mix)

32.jah wobble-   socialist(metal box rebuilt in dub)

33.reymour-  le flot de ces mots

34.cult with no name-    fight or flight

35.clinic-   miracles

36.pom pom squad-  popular(nada surf cover)

37.geese-   bottle

38.joan as police woman,tony allen&dave dkumu-  the love has got me

39.el Michels affair-   poison Song

40.khruangbin&leon bridges-   B Sidé

41.östro 430-   sexueller notstand

42.xeno&oaklander-   poison

43. il est vilaine-  les mysteres de l`orient feat. Narumi herisson(marvin&guy rmx)

44.jarv is(aka Jarvis cooker)-   am I missing something?(pilooski/jayvich late night mix)(excerpt)


Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 21/12/2021

1.sharon von etten-   silent night(trad.)

2.mary Lattimore&jeff zeigler-  the glimmering light(music inspired by Philipp garrel”s le revelateur)

3.roedelius&tim story-   ba

4.coldcut-   the fire burns out

5.tur Lundvall-   January

6.a winged victory for the sullen-   Beethoven 250

7.u-ziq&mrs jynx-   the ballad of darth vader

8.o yuki conjugate-   200 ft vertical wall

9.jon Hopkins-   welcome

10.andrew Thomas-  kiss the horizon

11.memory pearl-    red and brown scene 1961

12.levidsa-  holly ama

13. the colorist orchestra&howe gelb-   thyne eyes

14.damon albarn-   darkness to light

15.daniel o `Sullivan-   perpetual ascension

16.arandel-   octobre feat. Noah rebut

17.david bowie-   toy(your turn to drive)

18.andrew gabbard-   mrs.fitz

19.joan as police woman&tony allen&dave dkumo-   get my bearings feat. Damon albarn

20.trees speak-   pyramid

21.cult with no name-  all those things I admire

22.neil young-   change ain`t never gonna

23.polychron plus-  yeh-the

24.el michels affair-   cham cham

25.mongolito-  baclanova

26.rober plant&Alison krauss-   can`t let go

27.jah wobble-  the suit(metal box rebuilt)

28.youth meets jah wobble-   lunar dawn

29.xeno&Oaklander-   rain garden

30.chris davis-   solar electric

31.pond-  take me Avalon I’m young

32.the stranglers-    breath

33.shriekback-   everything happens so much

34.campbell, mallinder&benge-    dereliction magical

35.parquet courts-   plant life

36.pale blue eyes-   tv flicker

37.jarv is(aka Jarvis cooker)-  do the pharaoh(Minsky rock rmx)

38.geese-  projector

39.can- Brighton on 75 drei(three)(live)

40.musical keyboard system-   the new age of house

41.kito jempere-  hey dj(main mix)(excerpt)


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