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Archive for mai 28, 2024

Mu 26/05/2024

Delphine Dora – The Great Passage III

Catherine Christer Hennix – Solo for Tamburium

Demdike Stare – Distort Decay Sustain Vol 1: Feelings (face A)

Illustration : Alec Mapes-Frances (couverture de l’album de Catherine Christer Hennix « Solo for Tamburium » sorti chez Blank Form Editions)


Mu 12/05/2024

Vumbi Dekula – Maamajacy
Zemi17 – The Ring Is Satu
Robert Michael Keefe – Fractalis Balinesus
Oli Arni – Keha
Syrinx – Appalosa Pegasus
Cuchi Leguizamon – Chacarera del Zorro
Sumo – Ojos De Terciopelo
Jorge Lazaroff – Candombe Para Cantar
Mercedes Simone – Milonga Triste
Leda Valladares Y María Elena Walsh – Romance Del Conde Olinos
The San Lucas Band – Marcha Numero Cuatro
Claire M Singer – Saor

Photo : couverture du disque La Voz de las Cumbres du San Lucas Band par James McCormac sorti par les disques Bongo Joe


Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 28/05/2024

1.eiko Ishibashi – evil does not exist

2.mary Lattimore&walt mcClements – the top of Thomas street

3.rone – power

4.michael head&the red elastic band – naturally it`s you

5.pablo`s eye – red light returning

6.cigarettes after sex – truly

7.I monster – sunny delights

8.the orb – Baghdad batteries(ambient mix)

9.troels hammer – grandma`s universe

10.four Tet – storm crystals

11.baby rose – weakness

12.villagers – I want what I don`t need

13.cowboy sadness – billings feat. Bing&ruth

14.emma Anderson – taste the air

15.gilles zeitschiff – the queen of sunshine&meine kosmische musik

16.song sung – I’m not in love( a 10cc cover)

17.goudi – tango de l`envie master feat.lubna azabal

18.sean ono Lennon – acidalia

19.king Hannah – Davey says

20.bullion – affection

21.project Gemini – colours&light +extra nuit

22.glass beams – mahal (edit)

23.amen dunes – boys

24.nadine shah – food for fuel

25.fat white family – visions of pain

26.anders ponsaing – streets of elvissa

27.barry Adamson – demon lover

28.ailli – oyasumi(gaiko rmx)

29.bolis pupul – completely half

30.boris blank – vertigo heroes(pt.1)

31.einstürzende neubauten – ist ist

32.caribou – honey (radio edit)

33.rasco – head over heels

34.butthole surfers – in the cellar

35.neil young&the crazy horse – heart of steel

36.charles moothart – clock rats

37.a certain ratio – Dorothy says

38.kid congo&the pink monkey birds – silver for my sister

39.the kvb – overload (excerpt)