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Archive for avril 5, 2023

Midi Express mercredi 05/04/2023

On a écouté… (Artiste ou Groupe : Titre du morceau < Titre de l’album)

Orchestre du Belgistan : Irréel

Attic’O’Matic : Spiritual Imposter

Tasha B. : Shelter < Poizned Heart – Forever’s Gonna Hurt

She Said Destroy! : I Hate the Sun < Gummy Ruins

Secte : Syria

Reymour : Au rythme de l’ennui < Leviosa

Dame Area : Innamorata del tuo Controllo < Toda la mentira sobre Dame Area

Deux Boules Vanille : Cousine d’été (extrait) < Planète Gougou

GalVaNize : What the Fuck

Slovenians : Mobile Home < Sinners

The Jenkinses : Hipster City < Miracle Reasoning

Frau Blücher and the Drünken Horses : Brainwashed < Über Fenomenal

The Damn Givers : No Booze No More < This Is the End

Sexy Sushi : Toute la haine qui m’incarne

Territorial Gobbing : The Ability to Concentrate < How to Do Things with Words

Sunn O))) : It Took the Night to Believe

Daggers : Sentinel < Sentinel

Kania Tieffer : Farfouille < Uhh

Refurinn Kitsune : Misty Light < Spacelight Shines through Us

Freres/Haenen/Stokart : Part 1 (extrait) < qls

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 04/04/2023

1.ocean moon – I am uplifted

2.steve gunn&david Moore – painterly

3.susumu yokota – ama and the mountain

4.suss – echo lake 

5.michel banabila – observatory

6.hermanos Gutierrez – Hermosa drive

7.modern studies – sweet one

8.trees speak – signals

9.spencer Cullum`s coin collection – betwixt and between

10.blue mountain eagle – yellows dream

11.urbs – the Lizbeth phrase

12.sylvie – stealing time

13.gigi masin – Valerie crossing

14.nicolas Godin – honeymoon(from the life of love movie soundtrack)

15.lana del Rey – kintsugi

16.nancy Sinatra&lee hazlewood – Paris summer

17.kjellvander – seahorse inn

18.gruff Rhys – the brain&the body(original soundtrack)

19.gümix – bled

20.unloved – polychrome

21.donovan – moon over Clare(excerpt)

22.ryuichi sakamoto – the sheltering sky(alva noto remodel) // RYUICHI SAKAMOTO R.I.P

23.alex laband – we know major tom`s a junkie(coldcut rmx)

24.aksak maboul – dans les airs

25.fred und Luna – tanz mit mir(edit)

26.abracadabra – at the zoo

27.unknown mortal orchestra – weekend run

28.QUASI  –  gravity

29.samy Birnbach&millim bodedot – shmour al  hatzmecha

30.the liminanas feat. Peter hook – the gift

31.gina birch – pussy riot

32.thin yoghurts – drink problem

33.fontaines d.c – cello song(a nick drake cover)

34.iggy pop – new Atlantis

35.the heliocentrics – joy ride

36.a certain ration – 1982

37.constant smiles – here and gone

38.gratts – sun circles(radio edit)

39.motrik – castle electric

40.niv Ast – bag of hopes(excerpt)