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Archive for avril 26, 2022

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 26/04/2022

1.rival consoles-  the cloud oracle

2.nick cave&warren ellis- we are not alone( from la panthere des neiges film soundtrack)

3.isik kural-  pillow of a thought

4.mary Lattimore- love is the tune(bill fay cover)

5.whatever the weather-  14°c

6.robin Guthrie-  ouestern

7.tor Lundvall-  their souls

8.king Hannah-  and then out of nowhere it rained

9.keeley Forsyth- bring me water

10.kavinsky-  pulsar

11.prins Thomas-  film 006

12.coyote-  woosh

13.king Hannah- the moods that I get in

14.penguin café-  Finland

15.alabaster de plume-  a gente aeba(vento en rosa)

16.violeta vicci- willkommen(DF tram`s Japanese shopping mall mix)

17.pearls before swine- for the dead in space

18.kae tempest- more pressure(with Kevin abstract)

19.aldous Harding- leathery whip

20.faust- fernlicht

21.hannah peel&paraorchestra- we are part mineral

22.p.f Sloan- I get out of breath

23.aviv mark- madrich tiulim

24. tc matic- putain putain   ARNO R.I.P

25.david bowie- can`t help thinking about me(live at mark Radcliffe show on bbc radio session)

26.spiritualized-  best thing you never had

27.rolling blackouts coastal fever- tidal river

28.fontaines d.c- Nabokov

29.jarv is(aka Jarvis cooker)- job description

30.wire- stepping off too quick(not about to die)

31.stormtrooper- I’m a mess

32.charlotte adigery&bolis pupul- ceci n`est pas un cliche`

33.happy Mondays-  patunia

34.saada bonaire- to know you is to love you

35.ian dury- dance little rude boy

36.international observer- mistaken identity dub

37.dennis matumbi(prod. By dennis bovell)-  raindrops

38.acid arab- staifia( acid arab`s metal dance version)

39.john beltran- she is spring

40.chris liebing- another day

41.zombie zombie- lacrymosa