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Archive for octobre 6, 2021

Midi Express mercredi 06/10/2021

On a écouté… (Artiste ou Groupe : Titre du morceau < Titre de l’album)

Manu Louis : Et si on était tous riches < And If We Were All Rich

The Experimental Tropic Blues Band : Unreachable Love < Spit’N’Split

Power Shake : City of Lies < So Far So Good

Croatan : The Sun Will Burn You If You Try to Eat It < Violent Passion Surrogate

Necking : No Playtime < Cut Your Teeth

Bernard Fripiat : Dans l’œil du cyclone

Shana Cleveland : Night of the Worm Moon < Night of the Worm Moon

Alela Diane : White as Diamonds

Gwendoline : Audi RTT < Après c’est gobelet !

Giac Taylor : Belgium Is Burning

Trevor Watts / Jamie Harris : L Heaven

Krakenizer : Coppélia

Noé Talbot : Nomade < Remercier les accidents

Tom Reeves : Primitive Love

10 000 Russos : Station Europa < Superinertia

The Gluts : Love Me Do Again < Ungrateful Heart

Billy Roisz : Spinning in Ecstasy < Walking the Monkey

Naomie Klaus : Summer for Dummies

Chris Imler : Protect Myself < Country Club

Tom Malmendier & Dirk Serries : Stock < Vanguard

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 05/10/2021

1.sarah davachi-   chorus scene

2.dave Clarkson-  the insect dancers

3.nathan salsburg-   psalm 33

4.thurston moore-   the dream

5.bobby lee-   listings

6.robert plant&Alison krauss-   killing the blues

7.flying lotus-   hiding in the shadows( with niki ranale)

(from the Netflix orig. anime series)

8.blank&jones-   summer sky

9. space afrika-   yyyyyyyy 222222

10.holy hive-    golden crown

11.dantel-   shell

12.royksopp-    across the graveyard

13.immersion&ulrich schnauss-    remember those days on the road

14.jane weaver-    sunset dreams(radio edit)

15.mild high club-    holding on to me

16.the stranglers-     and if you should see dave…

17.macromassa-    el conseeuente aspect de geometria

18.liars-    the start

19.villagers-    fever dreams

20.darkside-    lawmaker

21.the amorphous androgynous-    stoned freshwaters/everything is easy woth a little persuasion

22.low-    all night

23.nouvelle vague-      not knowing(a minimal compact cover)- OLIVIER  LIBAUX  R.I.P

24.ghetto priest-     Hercules(aaron Neville cover)

25.jais-    volute feat. Mike ladd

26.king gizzard&the lizard wizard-     blue morpho  

27.koreless-    shellshock

28.wh lung-    showstopper

29.suuns     witness protection

30.goat-    it´s time for fun

31.public service broadcasting-      der rhythmus der maschinen  feat.blixa bargeld

32.liminanas&garnier-     promenade oblique

33.pond-     human touch

34.dreamcore-     deep in u

35.die orangen-     burnt bay feat.eva geist

36.alan vega-      wings of glory

37.o yuki conjugate-       californium(rmx by Charles webster)

38.univac-      polar(john Tejada rmx)

39.A certain ratio-      keep it together(excerpt)