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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Les playlists de Radio Campus

Retrouvez ici toutes les playlists des émissions de Radio Campus. Pour le Choix Musical Varié, nous travaillons à une page claire et précise à venir. Revenez bientôt!

Lysergic Factory – 13/08/2019

1.CaPa-“alesian wind”

2.avina Vishnu-“transforma b/4”

3.eno-“last step from the surface”

4.the transparency-“magnets”

5.peter baumann-“ordinary wonder”(radio edit)

6.erik wollo-“soft journey”

7.robag wruhme-“westfal”

8.daniel bacalov-“tai”

9.mort garson-“symphony for a spider plant”+”baby`s tears blues”

10.mndson- “slapppp+“chips” feat. Jon bap

11.khruangbin-“how I love”

12.robb Huxley-“when ur gone”(2019 version)

13.fay shapiro-“simi libech”

14.wuhti-“dharma drama”

15.glen Campbell-“reason to believe”(a tim hardin cover)

16.thom yorke-“last I heard(he was circling the drain)”

17.michel gonet-“opening”

18.tom rapp(aka pearls before swine)-“blind river”

19.dugdealer-“my life” feat. Danny james

20.kit Sebastian-“with a sense of grace”

21.vanishing twin-“planete sauvage”

22.david axelrod-“earth rot/the signs pt. 3”

23.nino ferrer-“rondeau”


25.marti berries-“ahbe casaba”(edan ahbez cover)

26.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvaidis-“ston stauraito”

27.dennis young-“feels good”



30.damon locks& black monument ensemble-“power”

31.don cherry-“brown rice”

32.the art ensemble of Chicago-“Saturday morning”



35.fujiya&miyagi-“dying swan act”

36.oedipus&the mothers-“(I remember)how it used to be”

37.mandrake paddle steamer-“pandemonium shadow show”

38.moby grape-“leaving”(live 67)

39.pere ubu-“what I heard on the pop radio”

40.richard Hawley-“off my mind”

41.psychedelic porn crumpets-“keen for kick ons?”

42.fat white family-“fine mess”

43.edwards hand-“days of our life”

44.anne lorrie-“delivrez moi”

45..cosmo vitelli-“die alraume”

46.cortex(aka Freddie waddling r.i.p)-“fear of glass”

47.fad gadget-“ricky`s hand”

48.enzo kreft-“in my head”

49.simple symmetry-“erikidu”(adam port tulun by night edit)

50.john sex-“bump and grind it”

51.shakti-“the awakening”

52.lost souls of Saturn-“the awakening”(james holden`s past life rave regression)



Lysergic Factory – 06/08/2019

1.mirage of deep-“the cosmic vortex”
2.felicia Atkinson-“un ovale vert”
3.erik wollo-« big sky »
4.eno-« clear desert night »
5.the transparency-« i`ll be there”
6.mort garson-“concerto for philodendron and pothos”
7.robag wruhme-“iklahx”
8.dennis young-“journey to ixtlan”
9.syml-“the bird”
10.rhi-“plain jane”
11.amon tobin-“freeformed”
12.peaking lights-“sea of sand”
13.kikagaku moyo-“lazy stoned monk”
14.pinorizz/john barry-“body heat”( body heat movie soundtrack- main title 81´)
15.avina Vishnu-“transforma/d-9”
16.eod&we me presents dunal chronicles 1-“duck on water”
17.tourist kid-“learn”
18.richard Hawley-“emilina says”
19.thom yorke-“dawn chorus”
20.vanishing twin-“magician`s success”
21.daniel bacalov-“canzone della bugiarda/il ladro di anime »
22.samy birnbach-« mishteret hashket »
23.glen campbell-« mac arthur park »
24.dug dealer-“sea of nothing”
25.robb huxley&miki gavriellov-“Churchill`s still smoking”
26.normal brain-“you are busy, I am easy”
27.beaver&Krause-“legend days are over”
28.michel gonet-“explosive”
29.kokoko!-“azo toke”
30.brigitte fontaine&areski belkacem-“la dechirure”
31.the art ensemble of Chicago/roscoe Mitchell-“Jamaican farewell pt. 1”
32.damon locks black monument ensemble-“which I believe I am”
34.kit Sebastian-“senden boska”
35.anatolian weapons feat.seirios sevvaidis-“tarachti ketarrachti”
36.normil Hawaiians-“market place”
38.pere ubu-“flicking cigarettes at the sun”
39.flying saucer attack-“feedback song”
40.simple symmetry-“fight”
41.the momes-“Friday”
42.neal ford&the fanatics-“seasons”
44.juju-“motherfucker core”
45.psychedelic porn crumpets-“hymn for a droid”
46.gray(with jean- Michel Basquiat)-« cut it up high priest”
47.reserve-“une fille en transe”
48.phunkadelica-« aria »(marcus vorgull rmx)
49.fader-“rubato alle tribu del sud”


Lysergic Factory – 30/07/2019

1.sommet-“western cwn”
2.erik wollo-“the near future”
4.avina Vishnu(aina&heinrich mueller)-„transforma“( c/8)
5.samy birnbach&benjamin lew-„little birds sit on your shoulder”
6.amon tobin-“heart of the sun”
7.bridget st.john-“fly”(a nick drake cover)
8.nick mackrory&harry collier-“ell edit”(seahawks rmx)
9.stellar om source-“grace 2”
10.tourist kid-“know”
11.the swan and the lake-“son shine”
12.samy Birnbach-“rotze liot at”
14.coyote-“keep talking”
15.brigitte fontaine&areski belkacem-“personne”
16.richard Hawley-“not lonely”
17.peter cat recording co-“married”
18.cosmo vitelli-“a brand new city”
19.vanishing twin-“krk(at home in strange places)”
20.dug dealer-“suddenly” feat. Weyes blood
21.bernard estardy-“telephone 75”
22.normil Hawaiians-“the big lie”
23.beak-“ we can go”
24.dr. olive-“swing song”
26.robag wruhme-“bezioue atout”- oxia(domino)
27.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvaidis-“chaire eos”
28.nusrat fateh ali khan&Michael brook-“crest”
29.thom yorke-“impossible knots”
30.tycho-“no stress”
31.shag-“know the feelin”
32.flying lotus feat. Anderson paak-“more”
33.daniel bacalow-“le anime dei ladri »
34.lee scratch perry-« cricket on the moon”
35.bbc (aka steve cobby)-“quality weed rmx”
36.peaking lights-“shift your mind”
38.prince-“manic Monday”
40.yogo-“reve de star”(i-cube dreaming edit)
41.normal brain-“m-u-s-i-c”
42.algebra suicide-“horizon”
43.dennis young(ex- liquid liquid)-“big mouth”
44.pink industry-“taddy up”
46.ride-“clouds of saint marie”
47.fujiya&miyagi-“fear of missing out”
48.andre bratten-“pax Americana”
50.floating points-“les alpx”

Lysergic Factory – 23/07/2019

1.the swan and the lake-“herlev”
2.sommet-“south cole”
3.amon tobin-“dark as dogs”
4.oren ambarchi-“palm sugar candy”(excerpt)
5.avina Vishnu(aka aina&heinrich mueller)-“transforma(a2)”
7.erik wollo-„native dance“
8.stellar om source-„latin sirens“
9.bernard estardy-„it`s a lovely day to die”
10.tourist kid-“uv bleacher tangent”
11.normil Hawaiians-“ignorance is strength”
12.sweet&innocent-“express your love”
13.joan shelley-“time has told me”(a nick drake cover)
14.mort garson-“baby`s tears blues”
16.samy Birnbach-“lesiman haava”
17.vanishing twin-“the age of immunology”
18.thom yorke-“i`m a very rude person”
19.dylan moon-“death warmed”
20.richard Hawley-“alone”
21.rodney crowell-“texas drought pt.1”
23.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvaidis-“kalesma”
24.flying lotus-“Debbie is depressed”
25.fjordfunk-“oblique strategies”
26.dennis young-“you turn me on”
27.coil-“alternative theme from the gay man`s guide to safer sex”
28.robag wruhme-“nata alma(you might say)” feat. Sidsel endresen&bugge wesseltoft
29.flowdan-“bob marley”(wrongtom`s tuff wrong rmx)
30.lee scratch perry-“autobiography of the upsetter”
31.khruangbin-“como te quiero”(scientist dub mix)
32.the meters-« message from the meters »(art Neville  r.i.p)
33.peaking lights-“hypnotized”
35.mongolito&luminance-“head south”
36.brigitte fontaine&areski belkacem-“vous et nous”
37.nino ferrer&leggs-« moby-dick »
38.laurent stopnicki-“amour fonctionnel”
39.yeasayer-“ecstatic baby”
40.eod&weme presents dunal/dunal chronicles 2-“ a ghost of the long night”
41.dru-g face-“in the clouds”
42.fujiua&miyagi-“for promotional use only”
43.plaid-“drowned sea”
44.coil-“siminon master backwards”(swanyard demo)
45.andre` bratten-“ranx”
46.fiesta en el vacio-“brillanza y orgullo”
47.beak-« minus pillow »
48.l`epee(aka emmanuelle seigner,anton mewcombe&lionel&marie liminana)-« dreams »
49.juju-« master and servants »
50.psychedelic porn crumpets-“dezi`s adventure”
51.daniele baldelli&Mario piana-“cosmic mood”

Carte blanche avec Dj Lovepills : Reggae vous avez dit?

Ce ne sera plus désormais une légende que Dj lovepills aime le reggae et qui plus ai, aime le mixer !

  • Basil Gabidon – Good bye pretty darling
  • The skatalites – Dream dream
  • John and James – The Maytals
  • Sir collins and the Black Diamonds – Black Panther (1958)
  • Ken and Stranger – Home Home Home
  • Diamonds Dekker and the Aces – Fu Man Chu
  • Tommy McCook – My best Dress
  • Alton Ellis – Breaking up is hard to do
  • Lennie Hibert – Roal hot
  • bob andy – life
  • The Heptones – Book of rules
  • Ras Michael – None a jah jah children no cry
  • The Observer – Organ Satta
  • Errol Dunkley – Black Cinderella
  • Horace Andy – Run babylone
  • Culture – Natty Dread taking over
  • Burning Spear – Days of slavery
  • Augustus Pablo  – Rockers Pub
  • Big Youth – Pride and Soy Rock
  • Dennis Brown – what about eh half
  • U roy – Lovers rock
  • Prince Jazzbo – Crabwalking
  • Dennis Brown – Words of Wisdom
  • Inner circle -Wa « a » rocker
  • Culture – See them a come
  • Johnny Osbourne – Fally Ranking
  • The gladiators – Roots natty
  • sticks Man – Black Slate
  • Ranking Ann – A slice of english toast (face B)
  • Dillinger – L.S.D

Teenage Kicks – 17/09/2019

1. Big boy – Toots Thielemans (45t Command)
2. Midnight train – Johhny Burnette Trio (LP Coral)
3. Trouble bound – Billy Lee Riley (10inch Sun)
4. Gonna be loved – Linda and the Epics (LP Rounder)
5. Wild wild women – Johhny Carroll (LP Wagram Music)
6. Pas gentille – Françoise (45t Vogue)
7. Fire of love – Jody Reynolds (LP Wagram Music)
8. Come on – Chuck Berry (LP Chess)
9. Time will tell – Michel Popolnareff (EP Palette)
10. Fallait surtout pas… – Clothilde (double LP Loudsprecher)
11. Il est parti comme il était venu – Zouzou la twisteuse (Lp bon marché)
12. La fermeture éclair – Delphine (Double Lp Loudsprecher)
13. C’est pas prudent – Alice Dona (Doubel LP Loudsprecher)
14. Mohair Sam – Charlie Rich (LP Smash)
15. Bacon fat – Sir Douglas Quintet (45t Tribe)
16. Just one look – Doris Troy (45t Atlantic)
17. Rat race – Unknowns (LP Bomp!)
18. M. A. D. – Les Dogs (LP Epic)
19. Out in the streets – Blondie ( 45t b**t demo, 1ère version)
20. I’m sticking with you – V. U. (45t b**t)
21. I sleep on the waves – Digital Dance (45t Digital- Grande gratitude, LVR)
22. Hang up – Mr Airplane Man (10inch SFTRI)
23. I’m a lover (At close range) – Escape-Ism (LP Merge)
24. Brazil – Tav Falco’s Panther Burns (LP Frenzi/Rough Trade)
25. John I’m only dancing – Polecats (10inch Mercury)
26. Tear it up – Johnny Burnette Trio (LP Coral)
27. Skull and crossbones – Sparkle Moore (LP Rounder)
28. Round and round – Mr Airplane Man (10inch SFTRI)
29. Foggy notion – V. U. (45t b**t)

Lysergic Factory – 16/07/2019

1.burial-“state forest”
2.lemongrass-“solar stream”
3.robag wruhme-“volta copy”(ambient version)
4.matthew wilcock-« i might die now and i feel fine »
5.com truise-“departure”
6.eden ahbez-“anna was mine”
7.bernard estardy-“fragments”
8.vanishing twin-“wise children”
9.stellar om source-“devotion”
10.tourist kid-“petrol”
11.amon tobin-“fooling alright”
12.mort garson-“plantasia”
14.charles hayward-“watching you”
15.jacco gardner-“autumn in Lisbon”
16.coil-“omlagus garfungiloops”
17.flying lotus-“land of honey”feat.solange
19.lillie mae-“loaner”
20.mekons-“after the rain”
21.little axe-“deep river”(the payback mix)
22.khruangbin-“rules”(scientist dub mix)
23.jah wobble&bill Laswell-“fanfare for phenomena”
24.lee scratch perry-“run evil spirit”
25.peaking lights-“I can read your mind”
27.auntie flo-“baba”
28.fjord funk-“da starga tora”
29.katerina-“born again jazzman”
30.dugdealer-“lost in my dreams”
32.king gizzard&the lizard wizard-“this thing”
33.coil-“kusnir jazz”
34.craig leon-“the respondent in dispute”
36.the chemical brothers-“gravity drops”
37.ice the falling rain-“life s illusion”
38.samy Birnbach-“betach lo yadat”
39.perel-“Monteiro da costa”
40.beak-“life goes on”
41.richard hawley-“time is”
42.sean bonniwell-“ down to the sky”
43.chocolate watchband-“can t seem to make you mine”(a sky saxon/the seeds cover)
44.blue orchids-“optical sound”( human expression cover)
45.l`epee-(aka Emmanuelle seigner,anton newcombe, lionel&marie liminana)-“last picture show”
46.juju-“god is a rover”
47.psychedelic porn crumpets-“bill s mandolin”
48.body without organs-“Osiris rises”
49.nino ferrer&legs-“je vais te dire adieu”
50.lost souls of saturn-« the awakening »

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