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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 8 mai

1. Desolate-“exclusion of light”.2.clams casino-“orilla”.3.gangcolours-“forgive me?”4. The swerve-“wonder”( orig. vocal mix)+”if only”.5.clark feat. Martine topley bird-“secret”.6.chapelier fou with matt elliott-“moth,flame”.7.doug paisley-“sad sinner”.8.sun kill moon-“that bird has a broken wing”.9.field report-“talking Alcatraz”.10.superhumanoids-“I wanna be sedated”(a ramons cover).11.the time&space machine-“good morning”.12.composer-“the first time”.13.0oo0o-“nowayback”.14.p.i.l-“the room I am in”.15.tristesse contemporaine-“America”.16.leo ferre`-“il n`y a plus rien”.17.suburban dream-“wondering around”.18.emily wells-“piece of it”(baths rmx).19.nedry-“violaceae”.20.myrryrs-“pantom daze”.21.dr. john-“getaway”.22. Blaine reininger-“constant communication”.23.mohn-“saturn”.24.alabama shakes-“heartbreaker”.25.jack white-“freedom of 21”.26.small faces-“green circles”.27.jefferson airplane-“a small package of value will come to you shortly”+”young girl Sunday blues”.28.the other half-“Mr. pharmacist”. 29. The oscillation-“waste the day”.30.richard Hawley-“down in the woods”.31.dirty fences-“sid”.32.p.j proby-“I apologise”.33. The associates-“white car in germany”.34.roxy music-“pyjamarama”.35.mark Stewart feat. Lee perry-“gangwar”.36.olga kouklaki-“one way”.37.dream 2 science-“liquid”.38.pollyn-“sometimes you just know”(moodymann rmx).39.the asphodels-“a love from outer space”.40.au plais-“some velvet morning”.41. Marc miroir feat. Kiki moorse-“the train” (radio edit).42.kindness-“cyan”.43.lee webster-“freaky bitches”.44. crackboy-“the devil blues”.45.kelpe-“frosty kiss”.