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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 6 mars

1.magazine 5-“at the boards”.2.clams casino-“swervin”(inst.rmx).3.perfume genius-“floating spit”.4.leonard cohen-“lullaby”.5.cult with no name-“shake hands with the devil”.6.islands-“this is not a song”.7.air-“astronomic club”.8.mark van hoen-“look into my eyes”.9.gonjasufi-“black butt”.10.shlohmo-“the way u do”(airhead rmx).11.mondkopf-“sweet memories”.12.dimlite-“blur,blur, blur, blur”.13.death grips-“get got”.14.mister lies-“I walk”.15.liz Laszlo-“rien a paris”.16.mux mool-“raw gore”.17.gable`-“i`m ok”.18.paul parrish-“something of a love song”.19.frumious bandersnatch-“hearts to cry”.20.music machine-“everything is everything”.21.master`s apprentices-“our friend Owsley stanley iii”.22.singers&players feat.prince far i-“quante`jubila”.23.the mynabirds-“generals”.24.rivel sons-“only one”.25.white rabbits-“temporary”.26.a place to bury strangers-“so far away”(school of seven bells rmx).27.crocodiles-“I wanna kill”.28.pil-“acid drops”.29. flue-“esmafarja”.30.crystal castles-“suffocation” (health rmx).31.saba komossa present delkum future ultra-“don’t let music distract you from dancing` pt.1”.32.naked lunch-“slipping again”.33.john foxx and the maths-“destination”.34.the hacker-“night drive”.35.young liars-“colours”(teen daze rmx).36.django django-“life`s a beach”.37.the 2 bears-“work”.38.who made who-“the end”. 39. shakarchi&straneus- “liseberg”(portacode dancehall mix).40.david k feat. Opium-“ghost train”.41.connan mockasin-“faking jazz together” (Michael mayer rmx).42.darkness falls-“the void” (trentemoller rmx).43.wooden shjips-“crossing” (andy weatherall rmx).44.incarnations-“sunset on punta” (frisvold&lindbaek rmx).45.arthur russell-“lets go swimming” (gulf stream dub).46.john talabot feat. Pional-“destiny”.47.the m.e.b-“11 principal” (orig. mix).48.primitive Eskimo (aka john beltram-“soft summer” (solstice mix).