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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 26 février

1.carlton Melton-“photos of photos”.2.miguel baptista benedict-“phemy”.3.conrad Schnitzler&wolf sequenza-“tape 5”.4.broadcast-“our black Sabbath”.5.holger czukay-“music in the air”.6.holy other-“feel something”.7.nosajthing-“distance”.8.pyrolator-“it always rains in Wuppertal”.9.synkro-“to be”.10.apparat-“k&f thema”.11.darkstar-“armonica”.12.atomes for peace-“amok”.13.i cube-edit 7.14.w.l –“addio addio”(roman flugel rmx).15.tourist-“peaks”.16.kevin ayers-“stranger in blue suede shoes”.17.james carr-“a man needs a woman”.18.charles Bradley&the menahan street band-“I’ll sleep away”(rodriguez cover).19.cuttlefish&asparagus-“blue”.20.the Kenneth bager experience-“follow the beat(dub 1)”.21.lusine-“February”.22.p.f sloan-“patterns seg.4”.23.la femme-“hyp soline”.24.melody`s echo chamber-“some time alone, alone”.25.gila-“in a scared manner”.26.pere ubu-“lampshade man”.27.beak-“wulfstan2”.28.a.r kane-“when you are sad”.29.unknown mortal orchestra-“so good at being in trouble”.30.country joe&the fish-“section 43”(ep version).31.the plastic cloud-“shadows of your mind”.32.the sons of champlin-“fat city”.33.i fenomeni-“gexa de songiulian”.34.nyam nyam-“when we can`t make laughter stay”.35.the twilight sad-“sick”.36.ride-“vapour trail”.37.mini raviolette-“suis-je normale”.38.mathematiques modernes-« kanekine « .39.ike yard-« ncr »40.le carousel-« lose your love »(andrew weatherall rmx).41.it`s a fine line-edit 8.42.nacho patrol-“falcon cruise”.43.crystal ark-“we come to”(house mix).