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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 21 février

1. Mark van hoen-“unknown host”.2.anchorsong-“gingko”.3.air-“cosmic trip”.4.leonard cohen-“come healing”.5.dimlite-“xy”.6.mondkopf-“fossil lights”.7.howlin wolf-“who’s been talkin`”.8.chromatics-“into the black”.9.the mole-(7” white label).10.tindersticks-“frozen”.11.belleruche-“stormbird”.12.who made who-“below the cherry moon”+”all that I am”.13.black out beach-“beautiful burning desire”.14.gyu- track 6 from tyme x tujiko.15. Die vögel-“fratzengulesch”.16.art department-“touch you gently”.17.the associates-“even dogs in the wild”.18. Kitchen and the plastic spoons-“filmen”.19.the pharmacy-“dig your grave”. 20. Silver swans-“secrets”.21.holograms-“abc city”.22.morpheus secrets-“one single life”.23.django django-“silver rays”.24.paul parrish-“the forest of my mind”.25.kaleidoscope-“kaleidoscope”.26.the open mind-“I feel the same way too”27. master`s apprentices-“because I love you”.28.atomic forest-“obsession 77(slow)”.29.st. Lucia-“don’t stop”(foster the people rmx).30.ramirez-“a.m.y”.31.spencer pask-“way too long”.32.the drum-“night driving”.33.the phenomenal handclap band-“the right one”.34.co la-“Egyptian peaches”(avey tare mix).35.bear in heaven-“whole hearted mess”(pink skull rmx).36.graphics-“mac crackleton”.37. crosses croses croses-“pruaien dagger”.38.appaloose-“patch work”(attari dub rmx).39.jonquil-“its my part”(totally enormous extinct dinosaurs rmx).40.jo Goddard-“all I know”(radio edit).41.the 2 bears-“work”.42. lana del rey-“born to die”(guxxi vamp rmx).43.cut copy-“sun god”(andy weatherall rmx).