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Lysergic Factory – playlist du 17/06/2014

1.zk-“(im)mortal”.2.plaid-“wallet”.3.k.leimer-“assemble and diffuse”.4.jimmy Scott-“sometimes I feel like a motherless child”.5.jagwarma-“did you have to float on?”

-(the time and space machine dub mix).6.sqürl-“spooky action at a distance”( from the  jim jarmasch`s film soundtrack only lovers left alive).

7.mr. flash-“memories”(vandroid soundtrack).8.el txef a-“a heart for two”.9.lykke li-“sleeping alone”.10.andrea Schroeder-“kisses for my president”(from the Jeffrey lee pierce sessions project).11.the Steve miller band-“seasons”.12.id3-“after dark”.13.the books-“fralite”.14.invisible allies-“the long wind”.15.damh-“hansi”.

16.the books-“cello song” feat. Jose Gonzales.17.eno&hyde-“mother of a dog”.18.prins Thomas-“kavaler”.19.the emperor machine-“let the bombs fall”.

20.joakim-“man like moon”.21.fujiya&miyagi-“vagaries of fashion”.22.david sugar-“memory store”.23.flume&chet faker-“this song is not about a girl”.

24.warp(ilo edit).25.?-”royal rave”.26.daphni&owen pallet-“Tiberius”.27.lazy smoke-“how was your day last night?”.28.the paupers-“ask her again”.

29.the end-“Jacob`s bladder”.30.the music machine-“the trap”.31.the Liverpool scene-“we`ll all be spacemen before we die”.32.the end-“loving sacred loving”.

33.reign ghost-“gum wrapper song”.34.the aggregation-“the lady at the gate”.35.the velvet illusions-“lazy”.36.nazz-“open my eyes”.37.the litter-“substitute”.

38.dead rider-“sex grip enemy”.39.swans-“screen shot”.40.c.young-“world communication”.41.peter schilling-“major tom”(völlig losgelöst).

42.cold colors-“voyageur immobile”.43.the church-“Hiroshima mon amour”(a john foxx cover).44.phil Kieran-“getting away”.45.daniele baldelli&dj Rocca-“a tv show”(luke Solomon rmx).