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Lysergic Factory / Playlist du 11 février

1.michael stearns-“as the earth kissed the moon”(excerpt)(from the compilation: I am the center).2.andy partridge&Harold budd-“well for the sweat of the moon”.3.james vincent mcmorrow-“glacier”.4.gacha-“saysea”(feat.natalie beridze tba).5.bryan ford-“bob rob ramage”.6.mindx-“sunsets and dawns”.7.andrew ashong-“special”.8.dj sotofett-“wuhti”.9.bus-“tamed lion”+Gtos-“wouldn’t it be sad if there were no cones?”.10.tim rose-“(hey Joe)blue steel 44”(live 97).11.iilum sphere-“love theme from foreverness”.12.visonia-“<wbr></wbr>Antarctic love”.13.nilsson-“isolation”(<wbr></wbr>john lennon cover).14.kevin ayers-“puis-je?”.15.blue for two-“like every new day”.16.ian dury and the music students-“tell your daddy”.17.tree bosier-“20”.<a href="http://18.mr" target="_blank">18.mr</a>. lefteye&amp;the ghosts of Paraguay-“feel my breath”.19.grandbrothers-“ezra was right”.20.kaiori breathe-“then I walked my diplodocus”.21.poldoore-“call it a day”.22.suzanne Vega-“dont uncork what you cant contain”.23.lady June with brian eno,kevin ayers,pip pyle&amp;david vorhaus-“bars”.24.darkside-<wbr></wbr>untitled(from their first recording 10”).25.deo&amp;z-man-“yo whaaat?”.26.massimiliano pagliara-“flying away from you”(vocal mix).27.danton eeprom-“occidental damage”.28.the liminanas-“berceuse pour Clive”.29.the maze-“I’m so sad”.30.the human beinz-“if you dont mind mrs. Applebee”.31.the troggs-“when will the rain come”.32.the village s.t.o.p-“vibration”.33.morly grey-“after me again”.34.painted faces-“I think I’m going mad”.35.wimple winch-“atmospheres”.36.mu-“the clouds went that way”.37.the 31st of February-“sandcastles”. 38. Knots-“action”39.o levels-“east sheen”.40.the knack-“your number or your name”.41.new war-“black site cantos”.42.temples-“test of time”.43.tones on tail-“theres only one”.44.martin rev-“mari”.45.suicide-“I dont know”.46.damon jee-“empire of sun”(moscoman rmx).47.zombies in miami-“this is not the end”(man power`s yngwie rmx).