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Archive for juillet 25, 2022

Lock.Down.Your.Aerial.2 – 21/07/22 – Playlist

LDYA intro by DIDI [BHK] 

Himera ft. Petal Supply – You Make It Look So Easy (reverb by Malibu) [Unseelie] 

Chromatics – shadow (A Capella) [Italians do it better] 

Ana Roxanne – Suite pour l’invisible [Kranky] 

Julee Cruise – The world spins [Warner Bros. Records] 

DJ Lostboi – Pet shop B  [Queeste]

Peake – Tantalus Nymph [N11kita & JoeWard] 

Croatian Amor – Young adult, common nettle [Posh Isolation] 

Toxe – Honey island [Pan] 

Varg – Euros & Euros & Euros (Ebg) [Northern Electronics] 

La Capilla – Rosa (Latin version of Mia by Gorki) [Capilla Flamenca] 

Regina – SSIEGE [Youth]  

t0ni – Keepsake [Soul Feeder]

Kingdom – Nurtureworld [Fade to mind] 

caro♡ – drop in the ocean [PC music] 

SKY H1 – Labyrinth [AD 93] 

500 – Deliverance  [Genome6.66Mbp ] 

Hinako Omori – A Journey  [Houndstooth] 

Bedrock – Beautiful strange [Bedrock Records] 

Skee Mask – Calimance delay mix [Ilian Tape] 

Pub – Villees Wideoo  [Ampoule] 

Barker – Utility  [Ostgut Ton] 

Oli – wind river [Patrúin] 

FES – Airyle (Fuck Off I’m Not Done Yet) [Patrúin]