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Archive for mai 26, 2021

Midi Express mercredi 26/05/2021

Brussels Jazz Week-end


On a écouté… (Artiste ou Groupe : Titre du morceau < Titre de l’album)

Bernard Fripiat : Quelle est l’origine du mot loup ?

Bao Sissoko, Mola Sylla & Wouter Vandenabeele : Fodé < Tamala

Centenaire : The Day Before

Train Fantôme : La forêt infinie < Manémeur

Teenage Moods : Some Bodies (Once Told Me) < Turn It Up, Tune ‘Em Out

Severin : Wasted Life

The Seconds : Dedicatedtotheoneeye < Kratitude

Midnite Snaxxx : Fight Back < Contact Contamination

Front 242 : Tragedy for You < Tyranny for You

Green/Blue : With That Face < Green/Blue

Vinny Golia : Eye My < A Gift for the Unusual Music for Contrabass Saxophone

Shetahr : Fast Faith < Hidden Dragon

Vica Pacheco : Château d’eau < Symplegmata

Sleaford Mods : Black Monday < Jobseeker

Orphan Fairytale : Vinder & Vleermuis < Tune in Tree Ears

Kuupuu : Ihmispennut < Plz Tell Me

Kramp : Nervous Rattles < Nervous Rattles

Ignatz : Unknown < You Can’t See Me

Razen : Sleeper < Endrhymes

Mu 02/05/2021

C -ÎME – Sans Titre

Driftmachine – Albatros Follows A Killer Whale

Driftmachine – The Surge At The End Of The Mind

Ned Milligan – Lullaby of the Eaves

Rocks & Waves Song Circle – II (We trust in defeat)

Isak Sundström – All That Heaven Allows

I.B. Sundström – Människor dödar allt dom älskar

Richard Skelton – On Each Of The Six Fives Of The Moon

Richard Skelton – For Either Deadened Or Undeadened

Paul Metzger – Sculpture of the Void

Ignatz – Ghostbird


Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 25/05/2021

1.leon vynehall- all is see is you, velvet brown

2.auvinen-  akkosaari

3.syml- dim

4.conny frischauf—freundschaft

5.paul haslinger-  mishkin

6.colleen- the crossing

7.thomas fehlmann-  freche freunde

8.arcade fire- milk&honey #2

9.laudness-  boat to utklippan

10.steve moore-  of dust thou art

11.gardens of god-  ghost(remake)

12.dantel-  movie tears

13.park hye jin&nosaj thing-  clouds

14.michel banabila-  wah-wah whispers

15.cfcf-  model castings feat. No joy

16.meitz-  Mandelbrot(excerpt)

17.christian kjellvander feat. Jessica ottosson-  redemption

18.alan Vega-  breathe

19. peter hammily-  I who have nothing(a ben e king cover)

20.philippe cohen solal&mike Lindsay present outsider- who will follow angelinia?

21.coil-  the dark age of love(balance)

22. il est vilaine-  arty show

23.parrenin/weinrich- le soufflé d`Héphaïstos attisent le fourneau qui crépite d`impatience(reprise)

24.beak-  oh know

25.jimi tenor-  o-sex

26.schneider TM-  the trip(is the goal)

27.altin gün-   bulunur mu

28.el Michel’s affair-  fazed out

29.xordox(aka jg thirlwell)-  rivet

30.rivet-  pearling woes

31.camera-   überall teilchen/teilchen überall

32.the black keys-  coal black Mattie

33.king gizzard&the lizard wizard-  ataraxia

34.goat-  alarms

35.monster magnet-   be forewarned

36.the chemical brothers-  the darkness that you fear

37.die neue weltmacht-  tanz ins glück

38.black plastic-  savage

39.grauzone-  wüstendes glas(maxi version)

40.frisch!-  bauhaus

41. bob Dylan- forever young   //happy 80 birthday  master Zimmerman!