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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Archive for janvier 6, 2021

Midi Express mercredi 06/01/2021

Une journée dans un commissariat complètement… HORS DU COMMUN à Neder-over-Hembeek !


Exposition Extrasmall


On a écouté… (Artiste ou Groupe : Titre du morceau < Titre de l’album)

Old Time Relijun : Chemical Factory < 2012

Baba Sissoko : A boli la < Three Gees

Gunn-Truscinski Duo : Valley Spiral < Soundkeeper

Chouk Bwa & The Ångstromers : Neg Ginen

Man or Astro-man ? : Defcon 1 < Defcon 5 4 3 2 1

Movie Star Junkies : Song of the Silent Snow < Shadow of a Rose

Liines : Never There

The Brums : Bunch < No Encore

Ode to Space Hassle : Your Shadow’s Curves < Dow Memory Lane

Annabel Lee : Never Ever < Let the Kid Go

Sale Gosse : DIA < The First Dick I Ever Saw Was Iggy Pop’s

Bothlane : Hornet

Alaska Gold Rush : Silhouette

One Horse Land : Lost and Found < Interesting Times

Blondy Brownie : La Forêt < Almanach

Endless Dive : Above the Trees < Falltime

Flowers : Chemical Burn < Doom City

Candlesnuffer & Lukas Simonis : The Hirsute Man < Nature Stands Aside

Jean-Jacques Duerinckx & Anton Mobin : L < Bloem

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 05/01/2021

1.richard Norris-    air

2.mort Garson-     dream sequence 2

3.dominique Dumont-     watching boats pass by

4.trees speak-      tear kisser

5.blank&jones-    winter whites

6.julianna Barwick-     in light feat. Jonsi

7.olafur arnalds-     particles feat.nanna bryndis himarsdottia

8.the amorphous androgynous feat. Peter hammill-     we persuade ourselves we are immortal

9.eartheater-       airborne ashes

10.mark lanegan-      in the bleak mind winter

11.coil-    sara dale`s sensual massage viii

12.jess Williamson-    wild rain

13.zann-    after work

14.eriksson Delcroix sun sun sun orchestra-     magic marker love

15.glok-    weaver(c.a.r rmx)

.16. dr olive&the hoperators-      adios pepita

17.saul Williams-      twice the first time(orig.)

18. dj krush- signs of recovery

19.paul barman-     how hard is that?(some cussing)

20.wagon Christ-      never odd or even

21.the avalanches feat. Tricky&danzel curry&sampa the great-     take care in your dreaming

22.the black albumen(aka Glyn bush)-       heptadecagon

23.blue rondo a la Turk-       me and mr. Sanchez

24.kevin Godley-        cut to the cat

25.oneohtrix point never-        cross talk iv/radio lonelys

26.the besnard lakes-         feuds with guns

27.young marble giants-        final day

28.gorillaz-         severed head

29.suuns-             trouble every day( a frank zappa cover)

30. Andy bell-         cherry cola

31.morpheus secrets-          crackin`up( live at the rehearsal room bxl 2010)

(the spankers&Morpheus cover)

32.the prefects-         barbarella`s

33.king gizzard and the lizard wizard-         some of us

34.adult net-       white night(stars say go)(the lines cover)

35.A.swayze and the ghosts-        news

36.osees-          poem2

37.pylon-       K

38.a certain ratio-         shack up( electronic radio mix)

39. dj hell-         out of control

40.aksak maboul-          un caid(old school rmx by jordan fields&marc hollander) (excerpt)