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Archive for septembre 16, 2020

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory 15/09/2020

1.faten Kanaan-                     the north wind

2.roland p: young-                    rolling

3.paul haslinger-                        Austerlitz

4.adult fantasies-                       pagan litany

5.cavern of anti-matter-                        mannequin mass

6.mozaika-                              never see you again

7.genevieve artadi-                           loneliness  grows

8.kelly lee owens-                         wake-up

9.osamu sato-                                chu teng(ambient mix)

10.rodolphe burger-                        bleu bac

11.the blue nile-                             soul boy

12.surprise chef-                              blyth street nocturne

13.tricky-                                      hate this pain

14.massive attack feat. Young fathers-                                eutopia#3

15.el michels affair-                           shadow boxing

16.wilma archer-                           last sniff feat. Mf doom

17.holy hive-                                   don`t you say

18.silver apples-                              lovefingers              simeon coxe R.I.P

19.charlotte Leclerc-                            checkmate

20.19 gadi pirms säkuma-                                 aspekti(excerpt)

21.tuxedomoom-                                 Egypt

22.saskia-                                 my lips get hot

23.sonic boom-                            I can see light bend

24.juniore-                                    dröle d`histoire

25.sean lennon&charlotte kemp muhl-                            mambo sun(cover of marc bolan&t.rex)

26.darkstar-                                 text

27.the residents-                             jam in BB minor

28.sven wunder-                               black iris

29.chicano batman-                            invisible people

30.vladislav delay&sly dunbar&Robbie Shakespeare-                              512

31.toots&the maytals-                             funky Kingston            toots hibbert  R.I.P

32.dreadzone&dubmatix-                             dread lockdown 

33.spectrum-                                     like….

34.electric sandwich-                               china

35.pain Olympics-                                 the next fix

36.the rolling stones-                             all the rage

37.fontaines d.c-                                lucid dream

38.all them witches-                                  enemy of my enemy                     

Midi Express mercredi 16/09/2020

Réservation pour l'écoute de "Meute" et "Météore", deux fictions radiophoniques au cinéma Aventure : actionculturelle@sacd.be
On a écouté… (Artiste ou Groupe : Titre du morceau < Titre de l’album)

Gyrophare : Confiture

Dani Cosmic : Pas travailler

HoneyPoney : Inside

Crête et Pâquerette : H. O. M. O.

Centurio : Krasnoyarsk Reactor < Sovjetunion

Rhythm Activism : We Are the Prologue < Blood & Mud

Powerplant : True Love < People in the Sun (Londres)

Gee Tee : Commando < Chromo-Zone

Islaja : Sateen tullessa < Palaa Aurinkoon

Merce Lemon : For Sophia < Ride Every Day (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Piers Faccini : Your Name No More

Escare : Truth Is < Infinity Crime

Jean-Paul Groove : Exoskeleton

Excellente Attitude : Katch < A votre convenance

Collectif LAMAφ : Brussels City Cloudgate

The Big Easy : It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt < A Long Year

Grails : Black Sabbath < compilation « Everything Comes and Goes »

Summer Vacation : Guerro St. < split w/ Hard Girls

Warm Bodies : Time Slip’s Kiss < UFO Extremo’s (Kansas City, Missouri)