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Archive for mai 21, 2020

Pourquoi être terre à terre alors qu’on peut surfer sur les ondes #19 (16/05/2020)

Emission réalisé (enfin) en studio avec un invité surprise à la fin, passant par là.

Mix improvisé avec des disques fraichement acheté en très gros lot chez un certain bruxellois du nom de Simon, fan de musique de la première génération du fuse.

PLAYDISC : (ref – artiste)

  • DUSKNOTES002- Soramimi ‎– Rapture Insignia
  • DRH044 – JC
  • DRH046 – Roman Poncet
  • TST2 – Savinto
  • TST6 – Unknown Human
  • composure021 – SF2000
  • FD02 – LC Samuel
  • BROS001
  • PRRUKLP002
  • SOK16
  • FU010 – Furanum records 2013
  • Hydra10v- Filter madness
  • Rec.NO.007
  • SH909 – Eddy Masvoodler
  • TST8
  • MIR006 – Steve Stoll
  • HH093 – Traveller
  • DF106 – Mirage?
  • Line 02-3 – Line
  • SXD001
  • Blue Hour 003
  • TRESOR267
  • MA9 – Warehouse metz
  • ARTS007
  • CSP01 Ratio Remixed pt.1
  • SH01 – Patrick Skoog
  • A001 – Nyctophobia
  • Bush1047 – Kishida Wataru
  • CRG001 – Cleric
  • CNL11 – Rob Alcock
  • (deux ou trois oublis)
  • ARTFORM003 – Masque
  • Sonic Affluence – Artform
  • ACV1020 – Fantasy

Teenage Kicks 21/05/2020

1 Fool at the Wheel – Little Richard (Ace UK) I
2 Rockin’ the joint – Esquerita (Ember) T
3 Don’t you want a man like me ? – Billy Wright (Ace UK) T
4 Tutti frutti – Little Richard (Specialty) L
5 Ready Teddy E
6 Slippin’ & slidin’ R
7 Rip it up I
8 Long tall Sally C
9 Live at the Okeh Club, face 1 (Epic) H
Lucille, The girl can’t help it, Tutti frutti, Send me some lovin’, A
Long tall Sally, Get down with it R
10 A lil’ bit of somethin’ (Pickwick) D
11 Pretty thing – Bo Diddley (Chess) P
12 Got love if you want it – Slim Harpo (Stateside) R
13 Come see me – Pretty Things (Fontana) E
14 Rosalyn T
15 Don’t bring me down T
16 Midnight to 6 man Y
17 Honey I need T
18 Can’t stand the pain H
19 £ S D I
20 You’ll never do it N
21 Children G
22 Preaching the blues – Robert Johnson (Columbia) S
23 Directly from my heart to you – Little Richard (Ace UK)
24 5 string serenade – Arthur Lee (New Rose)

Dj Morpheus Lysergic Factory – 19/05/2020

1.gigi masin-“bellamore”
2.dub tribe-“selene`s song”
3.j.wiltshire-“in the position”
5.seahawks-“river run”
6.spirit and form-“twilight pathway”
7.lemongrass-“ville lumiere”
8.moses sumney-“stoicism”
9.einsturzende neubauten-“am landwehrkanal”
10.andy patridge and Harold budd-“hand 19”
11.david bowie-“I can`t read 97”
12.marea/tide-“gloomy points”
13.la tordue-“le petrin”
14.francesco tristano-“endover”
15.aksak maboul-“silent silhouettes”(re-mix)
16.the detroit escalator co.-« the inverted man(dreaming)”
17.hunter complex-“star crash”
18.colourbox-“philip glass”
19.agnes bernelle-“broken bicycles”(a tom waits cover)
20.mark lanegan-“the game of love”
21.peter hammill-“the institute of mental health, burning”
22.mother earth-“down so low”
23.lorraine Ellison-“stay with me”
24.durand jones and the indications-2court of love”
25.rjd2-“here`s whats`s left”
26.the butterfield blues band-“in my own dream”
27.thundercat-“overseas” feat.zack fox
28.stock, hausen&Walkman-“broccoli”
29.kaitlyn Aurelia smith-“the spine is quiet in the center”
30.astral dance-“transcendant waveform”
31.ghostpoet-“I grow tired but dare not fall asleep”
32.the fool-“fly”
33.the pretty things-“defecting grey”-PHIL MAY R.I.P
34.jethro tull-“living in the past”
35.other lives-“lost day”
36.shel Naylor-one fine day”
37.steve cobby-“we lost our magic on the pier”
38.les grys-grys-“satisfy the lord of anarchy”
39.the lovely eggs-“you`ve got the balls”
40.novak`s kapelle-“hypodermic needle”
41.red axes-“moonlight”
42.throbbing gristle-“something came over me”
43.wasted youth-“Rebecca`s room”
44.men with secrets-“aletheia”
45.fad gadget-“make room”(excerpt)

Midi Express mercredi 20/05/2020

Textes lus

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