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Archive for août, 2019

Lysergic Factory – DJ Morpheus – 27/08/2019

Morpheus-lysergic factory play list du 27/8/2019 :

1.five seasons-“blue trail”

2.emily a.sprague-“synth 3”

3.alphonse-“moan up”(ambient mix)

4.eno-“the end of a thin cord”

5.conrad Schnitzler&Schneider TM-“requiem für leia“

6.shigeto first-„saturn return“

7.robag wruhme-„advent“

8.lulu gainsbourg&scarlet johansson-„bonnie and clyde“( a serge gainsbourg cover)

9.takayuki shiraishi-“dark sea”

10.albrecht la`brooy-“afternoon carafe”

11.erik wollo-“under water”

12.mort garson-“ode to an African violet”

13.mndson-“ggardenn”feat. Pink siifu

14.kapitan  Alaska(aka  dori sadovnik)-„sendi“

15.pride(aka david axelrod&m.t axelrod)-“in the wilderness”

16.terrapin-“cirrus minor”(the black frame extract)(a pink Floyd cover)

17.kit Sebastian-“mantra modern”

18.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvdis-“to the mother of gods”

19.the godfather  of god/a hardy fox(of the residents) ripe tribute compilation/

-cult with no name-“I hate heaven”

20.hardy fox-“the bather”

21.hardy fox( from nachtzug soundtrack)-“gestern wird zu morgen“

22.coil-„love`s secret domain“(from love`s secret demise demos cd)

23.thom yorke-“twist”

24.pere ubu-“road is a preacher”

25.blaine l. reininger-“el dilemma del vampiro”(from the road movie-mädchen in koffer(and other results) soundtrack

26.vanishing twin-“language is a city(let me out)”

27.fay shapiro-“lama hit`ahavti”

28.dennis young-“somerset hills”


30.billy Mackenzie with b.e.f-“free”



33.damon locks&black monument ensemble-“from a spark to a fire”

34.neville brothers-“brother jake”

35.james brown-“dance, dance, dance to the funk”

36.mandrake paddle steemer-“the October country”

37.the accent-“red sky at night”

38.psychedelic porn crumpets-“digital hunger”

39.the seeds-“you took me by surprise”

40.station 17-“st. pauli der hat heute geburtstag“

41.the golden filter-„autonomy“

42-naked lunch-„breath“

43.cortex-„mind of darkness“

44.enzo kreft-„biometrics“

45.zig zag-„ca s`arrange pas“

46.yoko hatanaka-„more sexy“

47.marie davidson-„work it“(soulwax rmx)

48.manfredas-“mind machine” feat. Bozzwell

49.phil Kieran&douglas mccarthy-“fall rise”

50.haruomi hsono-“sports man”

campus info du 26 août

juicy – GHB

Lidy Fa – E.D.D

Meryl – Wollan

Dope saint Jude – grrrl girl

lundi 26 août > Soirée thématique – Capitalisme & Féminisme

Manal – Slay

Aloise Sauvage – Parfois faut

Petite Meller – Baby love

charlotte adigry – high lights

mercredi 28 aout > le cabaret du Tipi

jeudi 29 août > lancement youpron #3

Honey C – Curve Ball

coeur – féerie

christophe / orties – mes nuits blanches

jeudi 29 août > lancement du livre Morveuses de Rebecca Rosen

jeudi 29 août > lancement du livre l’ours kintsugi

isaac delusion – couleur menthe à l’eau

Blancmange – acid

vendredi 30 août > la poussière des météores à LaVallée

samedi 31 août > forest sounds festival

dimanche 31 août > le bonjour de la pédale à Charleroi

saada bonaire – more women

barbara – moi, je me balance

Radia #752 – « Mothers & Daughters » par BNA-BBOT pour Radio Campus Bruxelles – lun 26/08/19 @14h // REDIFFUSION jeu 29/08 à minuit

In the spring of 2018, the temporary lesbian bar Mothers & Daughters opened in Brussels. This opening brought together a community in deficit. In deficit of place, of celebration and of collective rituals. In the wake of this event whose near disappearance made its presence all more precious, Severine Irène V. Janssen X BNA-BBOT recorded testimonies, conversations and sounds. These recordings took place in the bar and outside the bar and resulted in this radiophonic piece.

BNA-BBOT is a Brussels-based organisation dedicated to the past, present and future sound memory of Brussels. Since 2000, BNA-BBOT generates a history and memory of the city through the stories and memories of its inhabitants. We’ve compiled closed to 20.000 items of sound data – witness accounts, snippets of conversations, monologues, songs, soundscapes and raw sounds – that form the history of the city. A kind of documentative experience over a very long course, which is not only intended to capture the voices and sounds that pass, but to also create multiple forms that can be heard and returned to the city. All this, in order to have the city actively rework its living memory, and the memory – both present and future – constantly reworked by the city.

Séverine Irène V. Janssen lives and works in Brussels. She studied philosophy but her passion for the way in which history is conceived, written, commented and transmitted, as well as her interest in memory as a political and aesthetic subject led her to take on coordination for BNA-BBOT in 2009.

Credits music :

Make Your Dreams TelevisionPlanète Concrète

Küss Mich Wund – Planète Concrète

Tropical vibration – Planète Concrète

What I WouldMC Mustaj


Production : BNA-BBOT, 2019

(Curated by Carine Demange & Radio Campus Bruxelles for Radia network)

Teenage Kicks – 21/08/19

1. Popsicles and icicles- Murmaids (LP Original Sound) 2. NY’s a lonely town – Tradewinds (45t Red Bird) 3. My boyfriend’s back – Angels (45t Eric) 4. The boy from NYC -Ad-Libs (45t Blue Cat) 5. Will you love me tomorrow- Shirelles (45t Scepter) 6. Little boy – Crystals (45t Philles) 7. Sally go ’round the roses – Jaynetts (45t Columbia) 8. Dressed in black – Shangri la’s (45t Red Bird) 9. Dream lover – Paris Sisters (45t MGM) 10. You don’t know – Ellie Greenwich ( LP Rhino) 11. You don’t have to be a baby to cry – Caravelles (45t Smash) 12 . Chains – Cookies (45t London) 13. He’s a rebel – Crystals (45t Philles) 14. The kind of boy you can’t forget – Raindrops (45t Jubilee) 15. Little bell – Dixie Cups (EP Charly) 16. Walking in the rain – Walker Brothers (45t Philips) 17. Baby I love you – Ronettes (45t Philles) 18. I want your love – Pussycats (LP B**t) 19. Chico’s girl – Girls (45t Lauper Death) 20. Baby it’s you – Shirelles (45t Scepter) 21. Remember (Walking in the sand) – Shangri La’s (45t Red Bird) 22. Out in the streets – Blondie (45t b**t 1ère version) 23. Don’t come back – Mary Weiss (LP Norton) 24. Looking for a kiss – New York Dolls (LP Mercury) 25. Sophisticated boom boom – Knoxville Girls (LP In The Red) 26. Then he kissed me – Hollywood Brats (LP Cherry Red) 27. Past, present & future – Shangri La’s (45t Red Bird – dedicated to Annette W., always)

campus info du 19 août

Joanna – séduction

michuul – duckwrth

green tea – awkwafina & margaret cho

A-WA – habib galbi

M.I.A. – bad girls

docu arte Matanga/Maya/M.I.A. – réfugiée, activiste et popstar

santigold – disparate youth

buvette – the sun disappeared

claudine longuet – nothing to lose

the party à la cinematek

l’enfer d’henri georges clouzot à la cinematek (flagey)

goat girl – the man

blimes – hot damn

vive la fête – exactement

expo designing the night au ADAM museum

musique chienne – baka

regina demina – pyromane

visite du cimetière de laeken

concert rue hector denis 13

open air crevette records at see U

countess malaise – veski mitt

empress of – I don’t even smoke weed

bon entendeur, mouloudji – l’amour l’amour l’amour


Lysergic Factory – 13/08/2019

1.CaPa-“alesian wind”

2.avina Vishnu-“transforma b/4”

3.eno-“last step from the surface”

4.the transparency-“magnets”

5.peter baumann-“ordinary wonder”(radio edit)

6.erik wollo-“soft journey”

7.robag wruhme-“westfal”

8.daniel bacalov-“tai”

9.mort garson-“symphony for a spider plant”+”baby`s tears blues”

10.mndson- “slapppp+“chips” feat. Jon bap

11.khruangbin-“how I love”

12.robb Huxley-“when ur gone”(2019 version)

13.fay shapiro-“simi libech”

14.wuhti-“dharma drama”

15.glen Campbell-“reason to believe”(a tim hardin cover)

16.thom yorke-“last I heard(he was circling the drain)”

17.michel gonet-“opening”

18.tom rapp(aka pearls before swine)-“blind river”

19.dugdealer-“my life” feat. Danny james

20.kit Sebastian-“with a sense of grace”

21.vanishing twin-“planete sauvage”

22.david axelrod-“earth rot/the signs pt. 3”

23.nino ferrer-“rondeau”


25.marti berries-“ahbe casaba”(edan ahbez cover)

26.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvaidis-“ston stauraito”

27.dennis young-“feels good”



30.damon locks& black monument ensemble-“power”

31.don cherry-“brown rice”

32.the art ensemble of Chicago-“Saturday morning”



35.fujiya&miyagi-“dying swan act”

36.oedipus&the mothers-“(I remember)how it used to be”

37.mandrake paddle steamer-“pandemonium shadow show”

38.moby grape-“leaving”(live 67)

39.pere ubu-“what I heard on the pop radio”

40.richard Hawley-“off my mind”

41.psychedelic porn crumpets-“keen for kick ons?”

42.fat white family-“fine mess”

43.edwards hand-“days of our life”

44.anne lorrie-“delivrez moi”

45..cosmo vitelli-“die alraume”

46.cortex(aka Freddie waddling r.i.p)-“fear of glass”

47.fad gadget-“ricky`s hand”

48.enzo kreft-“in my head”

49.simple symmetry-“erikidu”(adam port tulun by night edit)

50.john sex-“bump and grind it”

51.shakti-“the awakening”

52.lost souls of Saturn-“the awakening”(james holden`s past life rave regression)



Campus info du 12 août

Meryl – Empeche

miss keta – Pazzeska

shygirl – uckers

cupcakke – duck duck goose

finissage expo Dream Box au MIMA

Sudan Archives – Nont For Sale

Melissa Laveaux – Nan fon bwa

Miss Angel – Oh My Dayz

Sampa the great – OMG

yoga at the parc – gratuit

Mona Haydar – American

Victoria Hanna – Aleph Bet Hoshana

Sada Bonaire – you could be more as you are


Agnès Varda à la Cinematek et au Palace

dick tunique crew – sous les palmiers

Alois Sauvage – voyage voyage

kokoroko – woh

𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓻𝓽 – Laryssa Kim • Vica Pacheco

Bon entendeur x isabelle pierre – le temps est bon

Kelsey Lu – Foreign car

Anika – I go to sleep

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