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Archive for août, 2019

campus info du 19 août

Joanna – séduction

michuul – duckwrth

green tea – awkwafina & margaret cho

A-WA – habib galbi

M.I.A. – bad girls

docu arte Matanga/Maya/M.I.A. – réfugiée, activiste et popstar

santigold – disparate youth

buvette – the sun disappeared

claudine longuet – nothing to lose

the party à la cinematek

l’enfer d’henri georges clouzot à la cinematek (flagey)

goat girl – the man

blimes – hot damn

vive la fête – exactement

expo designing the night au ADAM museum

musique chienne – baka

regina demina – pyromane

visite du cimetière de laeken

concert rue hector denis 13

open air crevette records at see U

countess malaise – veski mitt

empress of – I don’t even smoke weed

bon entendeur, mouloudji – l’amour l’amour l’amour


Lysergic Factory – 13/08/2019

1.CaPa-“alesian wind”

2.avina Vishnu-“transforma b/4”

3.eno-“last step from the surface”

4.the transparency-“magnets”

5.peter baumann-“ordinary wonder”(radio edit)

6.erik wollo-“soft journey”

7.robag wruhme-“westfal”

8.daniel bacalov-“tai”

9.mort garson-“symphony for a spider plant”+”baby`s tears blues”

10.mndson- “slapppp+“chips” feat. Jon bap

11.khruangbin-“how I love”

12.robb Huxley-“when ur gone”(2019 version)

13.fay shapiro-“simi libech”

14.wuhti-“dharma drama”

15.glen Campbell-“reason to believe”(a tim hardin cover)

16.thom yorke-“last I heard(he was circling the drain)”

17.michel gonet-“opening”

18.tom rapp(aka pearls before swine)-“blind river”

19.dugdealer-“my life” feat. Danny james

20.kit Sebastian-“with a sense of grace”

21.vanishing twin-“planete sauvage”

22.david axelrod-“earth rot/the signs pt. 3”

23.nino ferrer-“rondeau”


25.marti berries-“ahbe casaba”(edan ahbez cover)

26.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvaidis-“ston stauraito”

27.dennis young-“feels good”



30.damon locks& black monument ensemble-“power”

31.don cherry-“brown rice”

32.the art ensemble of Chicago-“Saturday morning”



35.fujiya&miyagi-“dying swan act”

36.oedipus&the mothers-“(I remember)how it used to be”

37.mandrake paddle steamer-“pandemonium shadow show”

38.moby grape-“leaving”(live 67)

39.pere ubu-“what I heard on the pop radio”

40.richard Hawley-“off my mind”

41.psychedelic porn crumpets-“keen for kick ons?”

42.fat white family-“fine mess”

43.edwards hand-“days of our life”

44.anne lorrie-“delivrez moi”

45..cosmo vitelli-“die alraume”

46.cortex(aka Freddie waddling r.i.p)-“fear of glass”

47.fad gadget-“ricky`s hand”

48.enzo kreft-“in my head”

49.simple symmetry-“erikidu”(adam port tulun by night edit)

50.john sex-“bump and grind it”

51.shakti-“the awakening”

52.lost souls of Saturn-“the awakening”(james holden`s past life rave regression)



Campus info du 12 août

Meryl – Empeche

miss keta – Pazzeska

shygirl – uckers

cupcakke – duck duck goose

finissage expo Dream Box au MIMA

Sudan Archives – Nont For Sale

Melissa Laveaux – Nan fon bwa

Miss Angel – Oh My Dayz

Sampa the great – OMG

yoga at the parc – gratuit

Mona Haydar – American

Victoria Hanna – Aleph Bet Hoshana

Sada Bonaire – you could be more as you are


Agnès Varda à la Cinematek et au Palace

dick tunique crew – sous les palmiers

Alois Sauvage – voyage voyage

kokoroko – woh

𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓻𝓽 – Laryssa Kim • Vica Pacheco

Bon entendeur x isabelle pierre – le temps est bon

Kelsey Lu – Foreign car

Anika – I go to sleep

Lysergic Factory – 06/08/2019

1.mirage of deep-“the cosmic vortex”
2.felicia Atkinson-“un ovale vert”
3.erik wollo-« big sky »
4.eno-« clear desert night »
5.the transparency-« i`ll be there”
6.mort garson-“concerto for philodendron and pothos”
7.robag wruhme-“iklahx”
8.dennis young-“journey to ixtlan”
9.syml-“the bird”
10.rhi-“plain jane”
11.amon tobin-“freeformed”
12.peaking lights-“sea of sand”
13.kikagaku moyo-“lazy stoned monk”
14.pinorizz/john barry-“body heat”( body heat movie soundtrack- main title 81´)
15.avina Vishnu-“transforma/d-9”
16.eod&we me presents dunal chronicles 1-“duck on water”
17.tourist kid-“learn”
18.richard Hawley-“emilina says”
19.thom yorke-“dawn chorus”
20.vanishing twin-“magician`s success”
21.daniel bacalov-“canzone della bugiarda/il ladro di anime »
22.samy birnbach-« mishteret hashket »
23.glen campbell-« mac arthur park »
24.dug dealer-“sea of nothing”
25.robb huxley&miki gavriellov-“Churchill`s still smoking”
26.normal brain-“you are busy, I am easy”
27.beaver&Krause-“legend days are over”
28.michel gonet-“explosive”
29.kokoko!-“azo toke”
30.brigitte fontaine&areski belkacem-“la dechirure”
31.the art ensemble of Chicago/roscoe Mitchell-“Jamaican farewell pt. 1”
32.damon locks black monument ensemble-“which I believe I am”
34.kit Sebastian-“senden boska”
35.anatolian weapons feat.seirios sevvaidis-“tarachti ketarrachti”
36.normil Hawaiians-“market place”
38.pere ubu-“flicking cigarettes at the sun”
39.flying saucer attack-“feedback song”
40.simple symmetry-“fight”
41.the momes-“Friday”
42.neal ford&the fanatics-“seasons”
44.juju-“motherfucker core”
45.psychedelic porn crumpets-“hymn for a droid”
46.gray(with jean- Michel Basquiat)-« cut it up high priest”
47.reserve-“une fille en transe”
48.phunkadelica-« aria »(marcus vorgull rmx)
49.fader-“rubato alle tribu del sud”


Lysergic Factory – 30/07/2019

1.sommet-“western cwn”
2.erik wollo-“the near future”
4.avina Vishnu(aina&heinrich mueller)-„transforma“( c/8)
5.samy birnbach&benjamin lew-„little birds sit on your shoulder”
6.amon tobin-“heart of the sun”
7.bridget st.john-“fly”(a nick drake cover)
8.nick mackrory&harry collier-“ell edit”(seahawks rmx)
9.stellar om source-“grace 2”
10.tourist kid-“know”
11.the swan and the lake-“son shine”
12.samy Birnbach-“rotze liot at”
14.coyote-“keep talking”
15.brigitte fontaine&areski belkacem-“personne”
16.richard Hawley-“not lonely”
17.peter cat recording co-“married”
18.cosmo vitelli-“a brand new city”
19.vanishing twin-“krk(at home in strange places)”
20.dug dealer-“suddenly” feat. Weyes blood
21.bernard estardy-“telephone 75”
22.normil Hawaiians-“the big lie”
23.beak-“ we can go”
24.dr. olive-“swing song”
26.robag wruhme-“bezioue atout”- oxia(domino)
27.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvaidis-“chaire eos”
28.nusrat fateh ali khan&Michael brook-“crest”
29.thom yorke-“impossible knots”
30.tycho-“no stress”
31.shag-“know the feelin”
32.flying lotus feat. Anderson paak-“more”
33.daniel bacalow-“le anime dei ladri »
34.lee scratch perry-« cricket on the moon”
35.bbc (aka steve cobby)-“quality weed rmx”
36.peaking lights-“shift your mind”
38.prince-“manic Monday”
40.yogo-“reve de star”(i-cube dreaming edit)
41.normal brain-“m-u-s-i-c”
42.algebra suicide-“horizon”
43.dennis young(ex- liquid liquid)-“big mouth”
44.pink industry-“taddy up”
46.ride-“clouds of saint marie”
47.fujiya&miyagi-“fear of missing out”
48.andre bratten-“pax Americana”
50.floating points-“les alpx”

Lysergic Factory – 23/07/2019

1.the swan and the lake-“herlev”
2.sommet-“south cole”
3.amon tobin-“dark as dogs”
4.oren ambarchi-“palm sugar candy”(excerpt)
5.avina Vishnu(aka aina&heinrich mueller)-“transforma(a2)”
7.erik wollo-„native dance“
8.stellar om source-„latin sirens“
9.bernard estardy-„it`s a lovely day to die”
10.tourist kid-“uv bleacher tangent”
11.normil Hawaiians-“ignorance is strength”
12.sweet&innocent-“express your love”
13.joan shelley-“time has told me”(a nick drake cover)
14.mort garson-“baby`s tears blues”
16.samy Birnbach-“lesiman haava”
17.vanishing twin-“the age of immunology”
18.thom yorke-“i`m a very rude person”
19.dylan moon-“death warmed”
20.richard Hawley-“alone”
21.rodney crowell-“texas drought pt.1”
23.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvaidis-“kalesma”
24.flying lotus-“Debbie is depressed”
25.fjordfunk-“oblique strategies”
26.dennis young-“you turn me on”
27.coil-“alternative theme from the gay man`s guide to safer sex”
28.robag wruhme-“nata alma(you might say)” feat. Sidsel endresen&bugge wesseltoft
29.flowdan-“bob marley”(wrongtom`s tuff wrong rmx)
30.lee scratch perry-“autobiography of the upsetter”
31.khruangbin-“como te quiero”(scientist dub mix)
32.the meters-« message from the meters »(art Neville  r.i.p)
33.peaking lights-“hypnotized”
35.mongolito&luminance-“head south”
36.brigitte fontaine&areski belkacem-“vous et nous”
37.nino ferrer&leggs-« moby-dick »
38.laurent stopnicki-“amour fonctionnel”
39.yeasayer-“ecstatic baby”
40.eod&weme presents dunal/dunal chronicles 2-“ a ghost of the long night”
41.dru-g face-“in the clouds”
42.fujiua&miyagi-“for promotional use only”
43.plaid-“drowned sea”
44.coil-“siminon master backwards”(swanyard demo)
45.andre` bratten-“ranx”
46.fiesta en el vacio-“brillanza y orgullo”
47.beak-« minus pillow »
48.l`epee(aka emmanuelle seigner,anton mewcombe&lionel&marie liminana)-« dreams »
49.juju-« master and servants »
50.psychedelic porn crumpets-“dezi`s adventure”
51.daniele baldelli&Mario piana-“cosmic mood”