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Archive for février 13, 2019

Playlist Campus Info 13/02/2019

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – Gerardeaus Nr. 1, Pt 2
Maurice Louca – Elephantine
Barbara – Le 4 Novembre
J Dilla – Mash / Time: The Donut Of The Heart / Glazed / Airworks / Lightworks
FLOHIO – Watchout
STIKSTOF – Frontal
Perc – Hyperlink
Dizzee Rascal! – Jezebel
Kendrick Lamar – Wesley’s Theory
The Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Peebles – Chapter 09: The Dance
Ben Lamar Gay – Empregada
Gazelle Twin – Dance Of The Peddlers
Et on a parlé de:
Rewire Festival

Lysergic Factory – 12/02/2019

1.batu-« zoo hypothesis »
2.stubbleman-« piety wharf »
3.j.wiltshire-“summon them”
4.cats eyes-“requiem for the duke of burgundy”
5.julia kent-“crepuscolo”
6.hauschka-“urban forest”
7.the black frame-“the uncertainty principle”
8.david holmes-“ I know what I have to do”
9.mercury rev-“big boss man” feat. Hope Sandoval(a bobbie gentry cover)
10.michael chapman-“hell to pay”
11.nick nicely-“remember”
12.philippe cohen solal-“shizuka”feat.maia barouh&Mariam tamari
13.curt boettcher-“astral cowboy”
14.uniting of opposites-“ancient lights”(tim liken rmx)
15.jacknife lee-“overview”
17.chorus&disco company-“sloneczne procenda”(polish edit by eddie c.)
18.micalizzi-“night breeze”
19.zopotilla-“how long”
21.nicolas jaar-“took me out”
22.the residents-“the other”
23.sun ra-“nuclear war”
25.ekiti sound-“lagos lullabye”
26.scott Gilmore-“all our stuff”
27.fred und luna-“nichtmusikalische stadt unter schaitten”
28.rockit 88 band feat. Meghan pamell-„shake a hand“
29.helado negro-“this is how you smile”
30.richie havens-“in these flames”
31.toy-“mistake a stranger”
32.the twilight sad-“video dreams”
33.king gizzard and the lizard wizard-“crookedile”
34.galen herod-“lawdown”
35.orfeon Gagarin-“teatro suclo”
36.state of art-“your eyes”
37.matthias Schuster-“für alles auf der welt”
38.blancmange-„distant storm“
39.gudrun gut-„baby, i can drive my car“
40.sneaks-“the way it goes”
41.lcd soundsystem-“(we don`t need this)fascist groove thang”(heaven 17 cover)
(electric lady sessions)
42.finlay Shakespeare-“Christiania”
43.cosey fanni tutti-“tutti”
44.boy harsher-“la”
45.saada Bonaire-“heart over head”
46.boytronic-“bryllyant”(plus 8 rmx)
47.sound mercenary-“dilemma”
48.chrisitine f.-“wünderbar”(jdtwitch edit)
49.beanfield-“human patterns”(roman flügel rmx)
50.trevor Jackson-“Qix”
51.the Neville brothers-“sons&daugters”(la decadence edit)

Midi Express mercredi 13/02/2019

On a écouté…

Eye : Sabine < Sabine

Kheireddine Mkachiche & Manuel Hermia : Bahdja < Bahdja

His Name Is Alive : In Every Ford

Deerhoof : Chandelier Searchlight

Refurnin Kitsune : Your Reality < Spacelight Shines Through Us

Soul Coughing : Clean Album Version < Screen Writer’s Blues

Miss Arkansas 1993 : Motorhead

Ryūichi Sakamoto : War & Peace

Kas Product : Never Come Back

Paul Collins : In Your Eyes < From Town To Town

Les Concordes : Burger King < Carrément peut-être

12Twelve : Professor Ali < L’Univers

Maoupa Mazzocchetti : Gelatin Liposuction Candy < Infinite Glance Court

Iueke : Tape 1.2

Martiensgohome : Comme représentation et non comme activité

Lily Press: In a Landscape (John Cage) (extrait) < Harp Recital