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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Archive for avril 4, 2018

Campus Info mercredi 04/04/2018



Titres diffusés

Hassan K : Chab < Bakhtak

Villejuif Underground : In the Beginning There Was Us < Heavy Black Matter

Jeffrey Lewis & The Jrams : Came Here Looking

Zoë Mc Pherson : String Figures 1 ~ Sabotage Story (unknot opening)

Baby Fire : Yellow Wallpaper < No Fear

Sugai Ken : Wochikaeri to Uzume < UkabazUmorezU

Yasuo Sugibayashi : Untitled (plage 5) (extrait) < The Mask of the Imperial

Terminal Cheesecake : Song for John Pt. 1 < Dandelion Sauce of the Ancients

Scorpion violente : Fugue de pute mineure < Uberschleiss

Jean-Jacques Duerinckx : Sax sopranino (sans titre) < compilation « Tempo al tempo »

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg : The Glottal Allowance

Lab’OMFI : Part I (extrait) < 27°03°18

GV’s Junkband : Train of Thought

C_C : L’Indomptable

Midi Express mercredi 04/04/2018



Titres diffusés

Baby Fire : Half-sick of Shadows < No Fear

Villejuif Underground : Cat He Don’t Like Closed Doors < Heavy Black Matter

Mobilhead : Road Crew (Motörhead) Rock Classic le 03/09/2016

Hassan K : Fotowwat < Bakhtak

Jeffrey Lewis & The Jrams : Painted into a Corner

Sweet Williams : Half-Stripped < Please Let Me Sleep on You Tonight

Scorpion violente : Uberschleiss

Paradox Trio : Andaluz < Flying at a Slant

Lab’OMFI : Part II (extrait)

Les Bi(t)ches :  To Bitch or not to Be

Les Bi(t)ches :  Jus de salope

Les Bi(t)ches :  Hors cadre

Sugai Ken : Doujiri < UkabazUmorezU

Yasuo Sugibayashi : Untitled (plage 3) < The Mask of the Imperial

Hotzeniebotsze : Smeulende Vuurtoren

Lysergic Factory – 03/04/2018

1.the salt garden ll-“piano fields 1”
2.jonny greenwood-“alma”(from the original motion picture phantom tread soundtrack)
3.dave Clarkson-“kraken”
4.the acid-“propaganda”(from the bomb soundtrack)
6.ryuichi sakamoto-“sulari“(fennesz rmx)
7.laszlo lhortobagyi-„jntra sutra“
8.suzanne kraft-„renee sleeping“
9.bruce gilbert-“nomad”
10.brett naucke-“century mirror”
11.daniel avery-“radius”
12.yo la tango-“what chance have I got”
13.the swan and the lake-“waiting for spring”(feat. Jonas krag)
14.jb dunckel-“love machine”
15.sign libra-„victoria amazonica“
16.dabrye-„tape flip too“
17.ursula k. leguin&todd barton-“long singing”
18.insecure men-“heathrow”
19.essaie pas-“new path”
20.condor gruppe-“the wanderer”
21.anna von hausswolff-“the truth,the glow, the fall”
22.thundercat-“I am crazy&3 am”( chopnotslop rmxs)
23.sly and Robbie-“shabby attack”
24.Debbie lori kaye-“iron cross”
25.family fodder-“earworm sade”
26.mouse on mars&swamp dogg-“resume”
27.alesia cosmos-“pat lin d merde”
28.dalek 1-“dalek I love you(destiny)”
29.minoru hoodoo fushimi-“noudashi(taking out the brain/the man who was only a brain)”
30.vono-“lover werner”
31.cavern of anti- matter-“make out fade out”
32.david bowie-“when the wind blows”(extended mix)( from the animated film- when the wind blows)
33.mgmt-“me and Michael”
34.clarion-“space zap forever”
35.suuns-“look no further”
36.c cat trance-“screaming to be with you”(autarkic feat. The white screen rmx)
37.novaks kapelle-“you are trying to tell me”
38.juju-“death by beautiful things”
39.the deviants-“you ve got to hold on”
40.gary war-“nsfl”
41.jimmy Hendrix-“Woodstock”( with steve stills)
42.the xxxxxxxx-« the drink”
43.dr c.stein-“golden magic”
44.d.k-“mystery dub”
45.luluxpo-“piscine palace”(tristesse conteporaine rmx)
46.tcp-« dynamic energy »(moscoman rmx)
47.sasha-“singularity”(bailer mx)
48.dent may feat. Frankie cosmos-“across the multiverse”