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Archive for mars 29, 2018

Crossroad Radio – Podcasts

Tous les podcasts de l’émission. Soon sur le Mixcloud de Radio Campus (dès que je saurai me connecter).

On se retrouve le prochain quatrième mercredi du mois entre 21h30 et 23h. La bise à tous !

Lysergic Factory – 27/03/2018

1.giuseppe leonardi-“every tree and creature”
2.suzanne kraft-“the result”
3.laraaji-“ocean flow”(seahawks deep drift mix)
4.secret of elements-“floater”
6.mark Pritchard-“s.o.s” feat. The space lady
7.the walker brothers-“inside of you”
8.spriguns-“white witch”(orchestration by Robert Kirby)
9.brett naucke-“the vanishing”
10.ursula k. le guin&todd barton-“heron dance”
11.jb dunckel(from air)-« show your love »
12.yo la tango-“let s do it wrong”
13.sign libra-“outro-oophoga pumilio”
14.kyle Dixon&Michael stein-“eulogy”(from the original series stranger things vol. 2 soundtrack)
15.laszlo lhortobagyi-“pravonix”
16.k.leimer-“London interiors”
17.daniel avery-“slow fade”
18.family fodder-“everywhereanyway”
20.thundercat-“Tokyo”(chopnoslop rmx)
21.new age steppers-“my whole world” feat. Ari up(prod. By Adrian Sherwood)
22.sly and Robbie meet dubmatix-“burru Saturday”
23.bernadette castro-“get rid of him”
24.gümix&ashanti roots-“meute im house”
25.alesia cosmos-“H-CO”
26.condor gruppe-“house of kraut”
27.cavern of anti-matter-“solarized sound”
28.chris carter( ex- t.g, chris&cosy)-“durlin”
29.kuniyuki takahashi-« you should believe »
31.mgmt-“she works out too much”
32.vono-“dinner für 2”
33.minoru”hoodoo”fushimi-“furamete nanbo(its ok to get dumped)”
34.c cat trance-“shake the mind”(red axes rmx)
35.maximum joy-“stretch”(7” mix)
36.essaie pas-“les agents des stups”
37.adult net-« white night(stars say go) »(the lines cover)
38.the teardrop explodes-“when I dream”
39.mark renner-“half a heart”
40.jimi Hendrix-“lover man”
41.rodion g.a-“singur pe drum”
42.monster magnet-“soul”
43.purple sun-“dooms day”
44.suuns-“watch you watch me”
46.italian beaches-“tornado”