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Archive for octobre 12, 2017

Lysergic Factory – 10/10/2017

2.julee cruise-“the world spins”( by david lynch&angelo badalamenti)(from twin peaks ltd event series soundtrack)
3.eskadet-“horizons”(five seasons rmx)
4.hope sandoval and the warm inventions-“sleep”
5.melanie de biasio-“your freedom is the end of me”
6.depeche mode-“poison heart”(soulsavers re-work)
7.tale of us-“ricordi”
8.hesperius draco-“hesperius draco requiem”
9.four tet-“daughter”
10.smagghe&cross-“time to remember”
11.jimmy webb-“piano”
12. mogwai-“every countrys sun”
13.ane brun-“hero”
14.nosaj thing-“how we do”feat. Kazu makino
15.nick nicely-“London south2”(grasscut rmx)
16.psychic temple-“Spanish beach”
17.dj hell-“2die2sleep”
18.uncle-“sunrise(always comes around)”
19.the karminsky experience inc.-“everything is cool”
21.eric random-“wide eyed”
22.bark psychosis-“a street scene”
23.fantastic twins-“tableu final”
24.mount kimbie-“t.a.m.e.d”
26.matias Aguayo&the desdemones-“supreme”
27.the necessaries-“paceways”
28.nore feat. Pharrell Williams-“uno”
29.der plan-“lass die katze stehn!”
30.travis wammeck-„it
s karate time“
31.smagghe&cross feat. Matthew Herbert-“in the morning”(pilooski feat. Clement Froissart smooth not criminal mix)
32.doug carn-“sweet season”
33.the souljazz orchestra-“dog eat dog”
34.lee ranaldo-“lets start again”
35.the mandrake memorial-“wouldn
t you like it?”
36.new dawn-“well fall in love”
37.the shy guys-“black lightning light”
39.the horrors-“ghost”
40.shock machine-“let her love in”
41.the magic ray-“the enjoyment of fear” feat.kid congo powers
42.jowe head-“Swissair”
43.oh sees-“animated violence”
44.thomas leer-“back of the mind”
45.cosmic overdose-“romantic”
46.sigloxx-“dreams of pleasure(live bilzen)”
47.enzo kreft-“abandoned power plant”
48.pas de deux&big band-“rendez-vous”(Eurovision 83`)