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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Archive for septembre 7, 2017

Campus Info — Jeudi 31 août 2017

Duchess Says – Travailler (FWB, Fr)

Aboriginal Voices – Le joue l’ennuie (Fr)

Facteur Cheval – Adieu l’organique (FWB, Fr)

ADN Ckrystall – Mini Romance (Fr)

Onmens – All The Grace

Cha Cha Guitry – Art Nègre (Fr)

Kalalunatic – Bicéphales (Fr)

Odezenne – Bouche à lèvres (Fr)

Playlist Campus Info 06/09/2017

Photay – The Everyday Push
Huerco S. – Ragtime U.S.A. (Warning)
Konx-om-Pax – Let’s Go Swimming
Fatima Yamaha – What’s A Girl To Do
Digital – Down Under
Dizzee Rascal! – The Other Side
Tyler the Creator – I Ain’t Got Time

Lysergic Factory – 05/09/2017

2.dungen-“pari banu vid sjön”( version by prins Thomas)
3.pantha du prince-“the winter hymn”(ambient version)
5.peter visti&Lukas visti-“cantamos de la guitarra”
6.samo dj&maxxxbass-« free yourself from the misery of existence »
7.red stars over Tokyo-“baby tinymeat”
8.DF tram-“broken neck”
10.tiny leaves-“you`ll be okay”(david o dowda rework)
12.teho teardo&blixa bargeld-“blanchiffimo”
14.lena platonos-“rkaaoti”
15.dj hell-“anything anytime”
16.telepop musik-“breathe”
17.portable planets- “azalea”-(mark hjorthoy listen to the stars mix)
18.scott walker-“farmer in the city”
19.aldous harding-“the world is looking for you”
20.samy Birnbach&Benjamin lew- feat.peter principle(on e bow guitar)-“pourquoi que je vis »(de boris vian)
21.rey&kjavik-« intro » feat. Istvan sky
22.lana del rey with sean ono lennon-“tomorrow never came”
23.ambala-“walk with the dreamers”(radio edit)
24.cult with no name-“no news”
25.the Russian linesman-“hillsfar”
26.hesperius draco-“veritas domini”
29.pye corner audio-“the spiral”
30.public service broadcasting-“every valley”
31.steely dan-“chain lightning”
32.unkle feat. Mark lanegan-“looking for the rain”
33.psychic temple feat.terry reid-“dream dictionary”
34.the chemistry set-“regarde le ciel”
35.washed out-“get lost”
36.gacha bakradze-“head piano”
37.matias Aguayo&the desdemones-“cold fever”
38.ckrystall—“tam tam samba”
39.de ambassade-“verloren”
40.oscar brown jr-“but I was cool” mixed with smagghe&cross-“talking to katz” feat. David junto club&Emily evans
42.cosmic xpress-cut &paste by sneaker”
43.enzo kreft-“tumbleweeds”
44.todd terje-“maskindans”(radio edit)
45.medium medium-“7th floor”
46.machine woman-“camile from ohm makes me feel loved”
47.nacht und nebel-“etoile du nord”
48.xordox(aka jc thirlwell/foetus)-“destination:infinity”
49.la düesseldorf-“pipi aa”