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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Archive for juillet 6, 2017

Lysergic Factory – 04/07/2017

1.mark barrott.”back to the sea”
2.views-“sad sun”
3.shelter-“la voliere”
4.ryuichi sakamoto-“full moon”
5.smagghe&cross-“under the choc”
6.corrado sa ja-“blu girl(electric version edit)
8.vashti bunyan-“diamond day”
9.winter family-“ikea”
10.doron Schultz eyal-“it s so quiet”
11.spooner Oldham-“Julie brown s forest”
13.terrence parker-“will you ever come back replica cartier love bracelet to me”
14.penguin café-“rescue”
15.ben Salisbury&Geoff barrow-“setting the eagle free”(from the original cartier jewelry replica score of men against cartier bracelet
16.alice Coltrane-“hari Narayan”
17.prince-“father s song”
18.gacha bakradze-“gather”
19.ancient methods-“Andromeda”feat.zanias
20.lapalux-“flickering”feat. Jfdr
21.machinedrum-“what is this”feat.rosie lowe
22.kendrick lamar-“yah”
23.el michels affair-“snakes”feat.lee fields
24.bogus order-“stooge”
25.hidden orchestra-“still”(radio edit)
27.brigitte fontaine-“le nougat” with mouss et hakim
28.the gift-“hymn to her”
29.red axes-“what is in your head”
30.russian linesman-“poqtrivialis”
31.yello-“frautonium”(Andrew weatherall warehouse rmx)
32.arcade fire-“everything now”
33.the rascals-“it s wonderful”
34.slowdive-“no longer making time”
35.pond-“paint me silver”
36.dor koren/big foot-“morning mist”
37.peter Perret-“sweet endeavour”
38.the new tweedy bros-“I can see it”
39.the renaissance-“mary jane”
40.public nuisance-“magical music box”
41.king gizzard&the lizard wizard-“the floating fire”
42.stinky toys-“pepe gestapo”
44.klaus dinger&pre japandorf-“talk”
45.enzo kreft-“hypnotized”
46.sandie trash-“michelle Obama”
47.asa moto(aka soulwax)-“athina”feat. Sophia kakali
48.hesperius drago-“tronitum domini”
49.pale blue-“comes home”(pional rmx)
51.manu deago-“Mesmer mesmerizing”feat. Isa kurz