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Archive for mai 4, 2017

Lysergic Factory – 02/05/2017

1.gas-“narkopop- 6”
2.bochum welt-“lauren canyon”
3.john foxx and the maths-„the other mother”
4.jacques greene-“cycles”
5.lemongrass-“nouvelle lune”
6.afro-disiak-“tambours d eau »
7.mark barrott-« over at dieter s place »(luis Delgado mix)
8.mark barrott-“emile”
9.gorillaz-“busted and blue”
10.francis harris-“radiofreeze”
11.depeche mode-“where s the revolution”(pearson sound beatless rmx)
13.alex puddu-“sex bar”(from the golden age of Danish pornography vol. 3.)
14.penguin café-“close encounter”
15.forest swords-“panic”
16.ray davis-“a long drive home to Tarzana”
17.tomber timbre-“western questions”
18.cummi flu&raz ohara-“moerder”
19.lord echo feat.mara tk&Lucien Johnson-“woah!there`s no limit”
20.al Wilson/canned heat-“poor moon”
21.kelly lee owens-“throwing lines”
22.juana Molina-“estalacticas”
23.almeeva-“some revelation”
24.the residents-“train vs. elephant”
25.roman flügel-“people and places”(from moving house comp)
26.hauschka-“constant growth fails”
27.fujiya&miyagi-“outstripping(the speed of light)”
28.soulwax-“is it always binary”
29.tuff city kids-“r-mancer”(roman flügel happy gerdy rmx)
30.depeche mode-“scum”
32.the gates of eden-“no one was there(requiem)”
33.billy nicholls-“it brings me down”
34.jean-pierre castelain-“la petite auto”
35.thee oh sees-« the lens »
36.wire-“diamonds in cups”
37.thurston moore-“cusp”
38.mark lanegan band-“beehive”
39.the chemistry set-“elapsed memories”
40.the jesus and mary chain-“song for a secret”
41.ulver-“angelus novus”
42.the moonlandingz feat. Rebecca taylor-“the strangle of anna”
43.barry adamson-“they walk among us”
44.primal scream-“where the light gets in”(u-bahn zum hanseplatz”(jagz kooner&Andrew innes mix)
45.trans am-“I hear fake voices”
46.basic fit-“filthy fifty”
47.gipsy family&linda lamb-“se vres” rmx
49.fred und luna-“die tropjenkanaweve”