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Archive for avril 21, 2017

Lysergic Factory 18/04/2017

1.russian linesman-“if it s not too much trouble just get me up the plane”
2.john foxx and the maths-“genetic hymnal”
4.25 tigerforest-“sky on fire(eskadet rmx)”
6.talk talk-“it`s getting late in the evening”
7.jane maximova-“puppets”
8.jacques greene-“dundes collapse”
9.mount kimbie feat. James blake-“we go home together”
10.ulver-“coming home”
11.bob Dylan-“there s a flow in my flue”
12.tim buckley-“morning glory”
13.fleetwood mac-“albatross”(chris coco version feat. Peter green)
14.timber timbre-“velvet gloves&spit”(excerpt)
15.jeanne moreau-“india song”
16.hauschka-“my kids live on mars”
17.jose lau-“esperanza”
18.yuri morozov-“strange angels”
19.nina simone-“fodder on my wings”
20.thundercat-“the turn down” feat. Pharrell
21.kelly lee owens feat.jenny hval-“anxi”
22.goldfrapp-“become the one”
23.depeche mode-“cover me”
24.dollkraut-“holy ghost people”
25.automat-“fabric der welt”
26.alex puddu-“seductive sitar”(from the golden age of Danish pornography vol. 3 soundtrack)
27.forest swords-“arms out”
28.nicola cruz-“rio branco”
29.chicano batman-“la jura”
30.the residents-“shroud of flames”
32.spoon-“can I sit next to you”
33.acid pauli-“ayam”
34.bongo entp-“lujon”(carrot green rmx)
35.bruno pronsato-“brighter than her daughter”feat. Ang
36.fred und luna-“komm,wir fahrn nach wolperath”
37.soulwax-„here comes the men in suits“
38.i.frens&i.pirson-“more side”
40.pink floyed-“jugband blues”(2010 mix)
41.wire-“this time”
42.the jesus and mary chain-“all things pass”
43.the moonlandingz-“glory hole”feat. Randy the cowboy from village people
44.midnight dicers and samy Morpheus-“find a place beyond space and time”(prins Thomas rmx)
46.space art-“nous savons tout”

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