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Archive for mars 8, 2017

Teenage Kicks – 01/03/20107

March 1, year 2017 after JCR and year 63 after EP aka Le King, baby,


  1. Bullseye – Santo & Johnny (45t Moonglow)
  2. Come on now- The majestic Kinks (33t Pye)
  3. Come see me – Les Pretty Things (45t Fontana)
  4. Out of our tree – The fabulous Wailers (45t Norton)
  5. Outcast – Les Animals (45t Decca)
  6. Temptation Inside your heart – VU (and return) (45t Sundazed box)
  7. Vietnamese baby – Les New York Dolls (45t Mercury Red)
  8. Gimme shelter – The Rollin’ Stones (33t Decca)
  9. Boy from nowhere – DMZ (double album Rat)
  10. Ball me out – DMZ (double album Rat)
  11. Loretta – Nervous Eaters (45t Rat)
  12. You’re gonna miss me – DMZ (EP Bomp)
  13. Common at noon – Real Kids (45t Sponge – Hurrah for Philippe Garnier!)
  14. Can’t stand the pain – DMZ (Mini album Voxx)
  15. Mighty Idy – DMZ (33t Sire)
  16. Teenage head – DMZ (45t Telstar)
  17. Border line – DMZ (33t Sire)
  18. First time is the best time – (45t Telstar)
  19. Baby boom – DMZ (33t Sire)
  20. I’ll make you sorry – The Odds (33t Voxx)
  21. It’s a cryin’ shame – The Odds (33t Throbbing Lobster)
  22. Number one again – The Last Ones (Mini album Star Rhythm)
  23. Squid omelet – The Queers from New Hampshire (33t Shakin’ Street)
  24. Surf goddess – The Queers from California (45t Lookout!)
  25. I don’t wanna get involved with you –
    The Queers from New Hampshire (33t Shakin’ Street)
  26. Number one – The Queers from California (45t Lookout!)
    Prochain numéro de Teenage Kicks le mercredi 15 mars 17