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Archive for février 8, 2017

Lysergic Factory – 07/02/2017

1.suzanne kraft-“Roberto and giovanni”
2.minor victories-“out to sea”(instrumental)
3.lightdreams-“voiceless voice”
5.A winged victory for the sullen-“normandie”
6.constantine-“voyage of the crystal bird”
7.rob shields-“green”
8.circula-“fragmentation” feat. Zaphod
9.manu delago-“freezing point”(poppy ackroyd reimagining)
10.childish Gambino-“the night me and your mama met”
12.the proper ornements-“1969”
13.jacco gardner-“lazy old sun”(a ray davis/the kinks cover)
14.duke garwood-“hard dreams”
15.minor moon-“weird how we float”(excerpt)
16.david Crosby-“paint you a picture”
18.michael chapman-“that time of night”
19.the Churchills-“when youre gone”(live 2016)
20.max cooper-“seed” feat.kathrin de boer
21.superpitcher-“little raver”
22.alex niggemann-“hurricane”(radio edit)
23.david Axelrod-“mucho chupar”
24.mort wise&the wisemen(with rocky Holman)-“wild boy”( eden abbez cover)
25.bigga bush-“dash way com”
26.senior model(aka alig from family fodder)-“data hoarders”
28.le ton mite-“space needle”
29.blow-« fall in deep »
30.joe goddard(from hot chip)-« music is the answer »
31.tristesse contemporaine-“let
s go”
32.big search-“cant understand the news”
33.curtis Mayfield-“never say you can
t survive”
34.nina simone-“poppies”
35.willie hutch-“you cant miss something that you never had”
36.eddie kendricks-“eddie
s love”
37.kool keith feat.ed.og-“tired”
38.run the jewels-“down”feat.joi Gillian
39.underspreche-“mi luz es distinta”feat. Sandra restrepo
40.bolis pupul(aka soulwax)-„wei“?
41.cavern of anti-matter-„kool boy narcosis“
s dress”(matthew dear rmx)
43.niko marks-“many other places”
44.the last shadow puppets-“aviation”
45.blue orchids-“iron tree”
46-moon duo-“the death set”
47.31st of February-“sandcastles”
48.los ajarus-“yellow moon”
49.cal rock&roll-“key to my heart”
50.ada`n&ilse-“what do you want”
51.the seshen-“colors collide”