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Archive for août, 2016

Lysergic Factory – 30/8/16

1.cliff Martinez-“dont forget me when youre famous”(from the neon demon film soundtrack)

2.k.leimer-“stationary image”

3.marielle v jakobsons-“white sparks”

4.peter zummo-“the tape is chill”

5.gilli smyth-“prostitute poem,street version”

6.the seshen-“distant heart”

7.the field-“reflecting lights”(kaytlin Aurelia smith mix)

8.floating points-“for marmish pt.2”

9.thom sonny green-“system”

10.ryley walker-“funny thing she said”

11.michael kiwanuka-“love&hate”

12.the album leaf-“new soul”

13.dave berry-“this strange effect”(a ray davies cover)

14.cass mccombs-“laughter is the best medicine”

15.rival consoles-“what sorrow”

16.melanie-“bobo`s party”

17.judy Henske&jerry yester-“three ravens”

18.portable/alan Abrahams-“your warrior”feat.kinoo, aletchko&Johannes schön

19.william bell-“born under a bad sign”

20.mother earth-“down so low”

21.james carr-“at the dark end of the street”

22.leela james-“my joy”

23.de la soul-“train wreck”

24.dennis bovell-« escape goat dub »

25.the grinders-“liar liar” feat. Keith leblanc(jungle version)

26.dj net-“judge not”(janette pitruzzello&Maurice fulton)

27.blood orange-“I know”

28.beyond the wizards sleeve-“creation”

29.public service broadcasting-“dig for victory”



32.mueller&roedelius-“about tape”(feat. Brian eno)(peter kruder rmx)

33.john Roberts-“gum”

34.jean-claude vannier-“la giraffe au ballon”

35.gerhard heinz-« svenska disco machine »

36.add n to(x)-„the poker roll“

37.it`s a fine line-“1880”

38.the avalanches-“subways”

39.weval-“I don`t need it”

40.moby grape-“Omaha”

41.thee oh sees-“jammed entrance”

42.red axes-“camirho de dreyfus”(instr.)

43.treasure-« deep lips »

44.the chemical brothers-« hanna`s theme” feat. Stephanie dosen( from hanna the orig, motion picture soundtrack)

45.units-“more alike”

46.secret knowledge-“sugar daddy”(john digweed&nick muir rmx)

47.shaky j-“ya bumba(deep thoughts about feelings)

Lysergic Factory – 23/08/16

1.toots thielemans-“bluesette”

2.coh-“ether fields forever”

3.k.leimer-“field characteristics”


5.marielle v jakobsons-“the beginning is the end”

6.sei A-“trails of gold”

7.gilli smyth-“back to the womb”

8.annette peacock-“the succubus”

9.john Roberts-“dye tones”

10.beyond the wizards sleeve-“third mynd”

11.mindex-“sleepy” feat.christina sofina

12.cass mc combs-“opposite house”

13.ryley walker-“the great and undecided”

14.gil scott-heron-“the other side”(from his last demo lp- nothing new)

15.oy-“everybody searching”

16.gene clark-“echoes”

17.michael kiwanuka- “the final frame”

18.judy Henske&jerry yester-“rapture”

19.thom sonny green-“ping”


21.dj shadow-“the mountain will fall”

22.cliff Martinez-“messenger walks among us”(from neon demon film soundtrack)

23.jean-claude vannier-“je m`appellee geraldine »

24.the film music of gerhard heinz-« love,l`amour,amore”

25.metronomy-“summer jam”

26.weval-“just in case”

27.portable-“as for me”feat.kinoo&letchko

28.blood orange-“better numb”

29.the avalanches-“the noisy eater”

30.cayetano-“where the sun shines”


32.kyodai&daudi matsiko-“Houston in the blind”(Russell rmx)

33.acid arab-“houria”feat. Rachid taha

34.nanni-“buscando el chakra(incl. havisi,simone Barbieri viele rmx)

35.the mystery lights-“flowers in my hair,demons in my head”

36.public service broadcasting-“elfsteden tocht pt 1”

37.amongster-“butcher`s boy”

38.the slits-“number one enemy”

39.thee oh sees-“the axis”

40.it`s a fine line feat. C.a.r-“weekend boom boom”

41.fad gadget-“for whom the bells toll”

42.units-“animals they dream about”

43.jacob korn-“thru the eye”

44.factory floor-“dial me in”

45.pet shop boys-“inner sanctum”(carl craig c2 juiced rmx)

46.alan Fitzpatrick-“we do what we want”(radio edit)

47.t.c-“hello I love”(new beat-body-acid mix by ghentlon)(a doors cover)

48.unbalance #8- w.l


50.charlie stark-“ufo”

Campus info 22 aout – Lundi sous insomnie

Campus info tiré de l’insomnie productive de la non nuit dominicale!

Et l’occasion de passer des sons de Bruno Coeurvert (chanteur des jeunesse fantôme) qui était avec moi vendredi passé!


17:04 :: The Knife – Full of Fire

17:14 :: Gesaffelstein – Hatred

17:20 :: Jeunesse Fantôme – drapo

17:23 :: La honte – (Mickaël a trop tuné sa) Laguna

17:32 :: La honte – Caramail


17:46 :: Gesaffelstein – OPR

17:50 :: KUUK – HOR (Prod. Joel Kolltveit)

17:52 :: Attitudeproblem (P3 Remix)

17:57 :: Stupeflip – Comme les zot’ (version crue)

18:02 :: Serge Gainsbourg – Eau Et Gaz A Tous Les Etages

18:03 :: Serge Gainsbourg – Javanaise Remake

18:06 :: PANTyRAiD – Stay Up Tonight

18:12 :: Colombey – la nuit est jeune


Image from page 307 of "Text-book of massage and remedial gymnastics" (1916)

campus info 19 aout – En campagnie de Bruno Coeurvert

Pour la fin d’été, Bruno coeurvert a eu l’audace de m’envoyer, pour le plaisir, une compil. Qu’à cela ne tienne puisque je ne connaissais rien de la vingtaine de sons qu’il ‘ma envoyé, je l’ai invité a en parler brièvement, hors et en antenne.

Merci à lui !
17:02 :: . pavillon 7b – les révoltés
17:10 :: Masaki – Engawa No Otoko
17:13 :: Meridian Brothers – La Gitana Me Ha Dejado (Salsa Electrónica)
17:19 :: Ptôse – In Your Bush
17:24 :: Lambarena – Mabo maboe + Gigue de la quatrième suite en mi bémol majeur pour violoncelle
17:27 :: Nozinja / Tessela – Wa Chacha (Tessela Version)
17:33 :: Bebi Dol – Mustafa – (Audio 1981) HD
17:43 :: Impersonate or Die – The Heat
17:44 :: the drum fondu – cause b
17:45 :: Mohamed Lamouri – G

17:52 :: Régis Turner – Amour arthur
17:56 :: Regis Turner – quand tu es loin de moi
18:02 :: Polyphonic Size – plage privée
18:04 :: austerlitz radiateur – malibu
18:07 :: Kocho-Bi-Sexual – Cryptic Ass Voltage
18:16 :: fluidvolt – Whirly Whirl World


Image from page 76 of "Kramer's book of trade secrets for the manufacturer and jobber; a complete compilation of valuable information and formulae for manufacturing all kinds of flavoring extracts, baking powders, jellies .." (1905)